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Old Marvin Meets New Marvin From 'Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' [Image]

This picture of the old Marvin the "Paranoid Android" shaking hands with the new one from the film reminds me of my grandmother. I'll tell you why.

There's something wonderfull about old meeting new. When my late grandma met her great-grandson it was a special moment and a cherished memory. It sends a message of hope and unity.

It's a classic theme. President Obama met President Clinton. Captain Picard met Captain Kirk in Star Trek: Generations.  Many of the Doctors have met each other in Doctor Who. Its classic seeing people from other generations meet.

Back in 1981, a British mini series was made based on the novel by Douglas Adams called Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It was a comedy about a loser who hitchhikes off the planet Earth before it's demolished to make way for a "hyperspace bypass." He explores a bizarre and funny universe with his friend Ford Prefect. In his travels he meets Marvin the "Paranoid Android" who is a genus, but always negative and depressed. Kind of a robot Woody Allen.

When they made a film in 2005, they brought back Marvin in a different form voiced by Alan Richter (Galaxy Quest) and he was just as hilariously depressed.

In one scene the old robot makes a brief cameo as one of the robots standing in line at the Vogon office which was great. Someone found an awesome picture of old meeting new in the companion book to the film. The caption reads "Coming full circle: Nick Goldsmith and Garth Jennings with Marvins old and new."
I cleaned and enhanced it since the original scan is muddled. You can find the original by iamthewalrus8689 here.

It's not exactly as touching as a grandmother meeting her great-grandchild but its still cool.

What was it like when you met someone from another generation? Who was your favorite old versus new meeting? If you know Hitchhiker's, which Marvin was your favorite?


  1. Although they never actually 'met,' the Deep Space Nine episode with the tribbles on the old Enterprise was great because you saw old and new Klingons.

  2. Alex, that was great. Worf's line about the difference was classic. "We do not discuss it with outsiders!"


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