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The First 45 Years of 'Star Trek' Timeline Infographic [Image]

Why did the first Star Trek pilot get rejected by the network? What year did the Borg get introduced? When did James Doohan die? How soon after the blockbuster Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home did The Next Generation begin?

The following infographic charts how science and science-fiction have influenced each other through the television show Star Trek. Thanks to the dudes at Space.com we get an extremely informative chart starting with the 1955 film Forbidden Planet which inspired Star Trek to with the sequel to J.J. Abrams Star Trek.

Find out by checking out the chart below.
The entire history of Star Trek is in this SPACE.com timeline infographic.
Source: SPACE.com: All about our solar system, outer space and exploration
Via Mashable

How has 45 years of Star Trek affected you? Do you have a favorite Star Trek moment to add to the timeline?


  1. Forty-five years? My God, I've been around longer than Star Trek!
    That poster is just pure geek Heaven.
    And it defined science fiction. Almost everything since then has been influenced by Star Trek.

  2. Has it really been 45 years? Wow. The chart is fabulous. Star Trek, to me, is the quintessential space opera.

  3. I'm clicking on the image, but it's way to tiny to read!

  4. David, thanks for the heads up. I switched the image to embed the one from the site. Should be good now!

  5. Hard to believe. Yes, it's still the greatest space opera to ever be on television. No disrespect to Firefly of course.

  6. Alex, Star Trek really did brave new frontiers on and off camera.


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