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Legendary Women, Inc Launches Website Promoting Women in the Media [News]

Just got a press release about a cool project involving everyone's favorite FBI agent: Dana Scully! These are same guys that brought you the Legendary Chloe Sullivan Project, so they do great work.
Legendary Women, Inc has launched a brand new website, LegendaryWomen.org, focused on empowering portrayals of women in the media and charitable giving.

Legendary Women hopes to counteract the media's problematic portrayal of women by focusing on fictional and real life women who serve as positive representations. The site will feature content addressing negative stereotypes, fostering a conversation about representation.

Legendary Women believes that the way to improve media representation is through conversation and action. Each month the site will focus on a female character or theme from popular culture with timely content and analysis from a dedicated group of bloggers and activists. Throughout the year, the site will fund-raise for different charities working to improve the lives of women and girls.

"Legendary Women, Inc. gives the perspective of a diverse group of young women not only interested in portrayals of women in mainstream media but also in portrayals of heroines from overlooked genres. We're discussing things often dismissed by other avenues," said Legendary Women, Inc. President Carolyn West.

LegendaryWomen.org will feature:
- Weekly blog posts about feminism, pop culture and charity from our team of dedicated writers.
- Interviews and profiles of notable individuals who are making the world a better place for women and girls.
- Charity fundraising throughout the year for different worthy charities, including raffles, events and prizes.
- Social media presence including Twitter (@legendarywomen), Facebook, and Tumblr (legendarywomen.tumblr) so you can always become part of the conversation.

For our launching month of December we will be focusing on the character of Dana Scully from The X-Files. As we move forward, we realize that the more voices that are talking about positive portrayals, the more people will be listening.

Won't you join us at LegendaryWomen.org to help a worthy cause and join
the conversation?
Learn more at www.LegendaryWomen.org and twitter: @legendarywomen


  1. If Scully is involved, you bet!

  2. Ooo. Scully. I should forward to my husband. Cool new project. Thanks for the info.

  3. Thanks so so much for posting this and helping to spread our word. Dana Scully is definitely just the first. We look forward to profiling many woman---genre, real, fictional, leaders...etc.---over the months to come and as we continue growing :)

    Legendary Women, Inc.

  4. Mbates, happy to do it. You guys do great positive work.

  5. M Pax, you got it. It's gonna be great.

  6. Alex, Scully is truly an original. We'll follow her anywhere.


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