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Friends Friday: Bam! Dinosaurs! Firefly Actors! Enceladus!

Every Friday I like to share some blog posts from some of our friends you might be interested in. When does the A-Z blogging challenge start? What is Enceladus? Which movie taught us to watch out for dinosaurs?

First, a quick story. I work in the I.T. industry and I was all set for a nice long vacation when my boss asked me to help do some cable rewiring during the break. My first reaction was, "Sucks to be you!" and bounce out of there. He subtly reminded me that I had no time off left for the year. So, I spent two weeks crawling around on my hands and knees running network cable instead of watching TV. I learned two things: Always hold on to your time-off for emergency "goof-off" time. And, if your going to mouth off, make sure you can back it up.

Alex wrote a great post called You Can't Reach 1000 Followers By Being A Jerk. I totally agree, so our first "Pied Piper: Most Deserving Blog Followers" award recipient of the year goes to...

April Dunno of From These Hollows!

Simply name three people who deserve their followers you'd like to pass it to. They can be people with a lot of followers or just ones that you think deserve more. Congratulations!

Cinematic Paradox has a gut-busting post called 10 Things I Learned Thanks to 2011 Films. Number five is: "You may think that you're watching a nice little drama starring Brad Pitt, but BAM! Dinosaurs!"

Comic Book Listing has a summary of the guests at the Dallas comic con. If I lived near Dallas I'd be checking out all the Firefly actors.

Lydia Kang, who's an awesome writer and part time doc, has a post about sharing stories about medical humanties submissions. If your thinking "No way." She says, "Consider it. The world would be a better place if everyone could share your stories!"

If you're a blogger make sure you sign up for the A-Z blogging challenge starting in four short months!

If you think the new synthetic-aperture radar view of Saturn’s moon Enceladus sounds boring, then check out MPax's post on the moon. She'll change your mind.


  1. Thanks for the mention and the plug for the A to Z Challenge! I'll have to go visit April.

  2. Thanks for the mention with dinosaurs and firefly actors. Two of my most favorite things. :)

  3. Oh wow..thanks guys. You are my fave geek twins!

    (Do I mention here? If so, I'd have to say...)

    Gyran Gymble of Jabberwockery . He should have Waaayyyyy more followers; he is just too funny.

    David of There's Dungeons Down Under His D&D knowledge knows no bounds.

    Spacerguy at Star Trek Sci-fi Blog This guy is a Star Trek go-to guy..amazes me the things he knows.

    Thanks again guys...you guys rock!

  4. You got it M Pax. A "Firefly" movie with dinosaurs would be geek nirvana.

  5. April doesn't post as much as she used to, but her stuff is awesome and funny.

  6. April, you can mention here, but if you'd like you can post to your site along with your shiny new award! I agree about Spacerguy.

  7. K, I will..thanks!
    Oh, and yeah life kinda got in the way lately, but have rearranged some things and will have lots more time for blogging now. Thanks! XD


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