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White Luke Cage, TARDIS Cat, Carrie Fisher Makes Zero From 'Star Wars' [Links]

Sweet Christmas, White Luke Cage is Hilariously Bad
When a guy's grandfather dies ("that's not even the best part!") he's left the movie rights to Marvel's African-American strongman Luke "Power Man" Cage.

In this parody video the skinny white boy, Patrick Willems, sets out to make a film out of the 70's star casting himself. Besides the hysterical trailer it also has reactions to the film including a fake website called "Racialicious."

This film is one bad mother...hush your mouth! I'm just talking about Luke Cage!

Via Comics Alliance

J.J. Abrams Directing 'Star Trek 2'While not surprising, its good to know Abrams has been confirmed for the Star Trek 2008 sequel. I still have a hard time calling it Star Trek 2 considering it's the twelfth film.
In the least surprising bit of movie news in recent memory, JJAbrams has finally committed to directing the sequel to 2009's awesome StarTrek reboot / sequel / tangential parallel universe offshoot.
Is there another director you could have seen making the sequel?Via Empire

Carrie Fisher Makes Zero From Billions Of Star Wars Merchandise
It's no secret that George Lucas rules the Star Wars Universe with a tight fist, but in the most shocking revelation since David Prowse's ban from Star Wars Conventions Carrie Fisher says she makes nothing from the billions in merchandising from the films.
"How much money could I have made from all this stuff? I don’t want to know. It’s too upsetting. I’ve teased George Lucas about this over the years, but he’s never been apologetic. Every so often, I wonder if Natalie Portman is getting more money than the none I’m getting. If she’s holding a check for Princess Amidala’s likeness in one hand and her Oscar in the other, that would piss me off."
Is it shocking that she's making nothing?
Via TheForce.net

Yes, someone went to the trouble of making a cat playhouse that looks like Doctor Who's TARDIS. But, is it bigger on the inside?

Would you build the TARDIS for your cat or dog? Or yourself for that matter?


  1. You can call George Lucas many things...but one thing that he is not is stupid. He has milked 100% of the money out of his franchise and made sure that no one ever got their grubby hands on his money.  I personally don't care. I loved Star Wars...still do...and don't fault him for being a billionaire. He's lived quite the life I think.

  2. He knows how to make money alright. I hate myself for envying him so.


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