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Star Wars: Episode IV The TextSpeak Edition - Part 1

What if the Star Wars characters had to communicate through text messages? What if George Lucas was limited to 160 characters per line?

We now present Star Wars: Episode IV (The TextSpeak Edition).

For those not familiar with the acronyms, you can click on the link for a translation.

EP 4


iz a period of civL wR. Rebelz, striking frm a hidden base, hav won thR 1st victory agAnst d }-) Galactic Empire. durN d battle, Rebel spies maNgD 2 steal :X plans 2 d Empire’s big weapon, d deth (*), an armored spAc statN w Enuf powR 2 dstroi an entire planet. Pursued by d Empire’s PrincessL races om her starship wit d stolen plans dat cn sAv her ppl & restoR freedom 2 d galaxy….

R2D2: Beep
C3PO: Ah! We r dun 4! [email protected] wz dat?
DarthV: GRRR! Whr r d plnz?
Rebel1276: IDK...gak!
DarthV: Stormtrpr501 tear dis plce apart I wnt doze plnz!
PrincessL: ObiwanK, SOS ASAYGT TFTHAOT...uh oh...GG
C3PO: Wuzup?
R2D2: Beep
C3PO:Oh no! We GGOH
Vader:NIGY ur a rebel
PrincessL: YS I m n ambassador
Vader: DLTM!
PrincessL: meh
Vader:TTG Princess

R2D2: Beep
Jawa: Chirp
R2D2: Beep Ow!

LukeS: IJWTK cn i go 2 space?
LukeS: Y not?
UncleO: B\C
LukeS: This sux
UncleO: SU LukeS

Jawa167: Oocheedy!
UncleO: @Jawa167 WTB botz
Jawa167: Oocheedy!
UncleO: @LukeS Go cln m
LukeS: This SUX
UncleO: SU LukeS

R2D2: Beep!
PrincessL: ObiwanK...SOS. ObiwanK...SOS.
LukeS: Wow shes PHAT!

LukeS: @UncleO @AuntB wuz 4 dina? ObiwanK is Ben?
UncleO: ObiwanK is RIP
LukeS: This SUX

C3PO: @LukeS R2D2 GFN
LukeS: This sux

Sandppl1: GRRR ZERG
LukeS: Ahhhh!
ObiwanK: Boo
Sandppl1: Ahhhh!
LukeS: @OpiwanK THX
ObiwanK: URW

ObiwanK: I wuz a Jdi n usd da 4S. da 4S is nrg. NALOPKT #TheForceRocks
LukeS: Waz dis?
ObiwanK: Dats a lytsabr. GR8 weapon IMO. yr Dad wz ICED by DarthV whn he went 2 d drk cYd. We wr BFF.
R2D2: beep
PrincessL: ObiwanK...SOS. ObiwanK...SOS.
ObiwanK: OMW 2 Aledraan. U 2? #Volunteer
LukeS: NW WC

GuvTarkin: d Imperial sen8 S RIP
ComanderT: Im (:+(. da rebels r strong
Admiral771: d deth (*) S A1 #DeathStarRocks
DarthV: @TEOTD d 4s S A1 #TheForceRocks
Admiral771: d 4s S LAMO AYSOS?
DarthV: ORLY?
Admiral771: :-?
GuvTarkin: CIO
DarthV: As UW

LukeS: UncleO…AuntB… UncleO!
LukeS: This SUX. :’(
ObiwanK: I m sry
LukeS: I12 b Jdi n go w\u 2 Alderaan
ObiwanK: Mos Isley s ADIH

DarthV: tym 2 TTTT
PrincessL: YYSSW
DarthV: im guna torture u
PrincessL: ow!

StormTrpr501: ASL?
ObiwanK: @StormTrpr501 nt d droids ur lkn4 #JediMindtrick
StormTrpr501: nt d droids we r lkn4
ObiwanK: we cn go #JediMindtrick
Stormtrpr501: u cn go
LukeS: wazup
ObiwanK: d 4S
LukeS: kewl

Alien6172007: oof!
Alien7222008: woch ot he duznt lk u
LukeS: IMS
Alien7222008: I duznt lk u 2 #fight
Alien7222008: u b KIA! #fight
ObiwanK: B kewl WTB u a \_/
LukeS: Aaah!
ObiwanK: TaK dis #fight
Alien67782: ow!
Chewbacca: GRRR
HanS: ChUe sez u lkn 2 go 2 Alderaan
ObiwanK: M2K Falcon s gud?
HanS: M2K Falcon s FTASB. WUU2?
ObiwanK: Mself, d boy, 2 droids NQA.
HanS: lots of $
ObiwanK: Uh o 5-o
Greedo: NIGY Takn u 2 JabbaDHut
HanS: OMDB. TaK dis
Greedo: ow!

Tune in next week for the continuing saga of Star Wars: Episode IV (The TextSpeak Edition)

Wht do u think?


  1. Wow, it takes me while to read this textspeak. Maybe that's why I spell out everything in text messages. In the words of Luke, if the movie was in textspeak, "this sux". Cleaver, though.

    Oh, and C3PO wanted me to tell you "Wazup?"

  2. This is insanely hilarious.  To think of DarthV actually going "ORLY?", and then a Stormtrooper typing out "ASL?"...LOL!

    Seriously. I'm crying here.  You guys rock so hard!

  3. Reid, its like a whole other language. So, wuz 4 dina?

    -----Original message-----

  4. OMG! dats d most amazn thng evr! dat musta taken u 4ever 2 do!


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