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If You Hate the New 'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer You'll Want to Watch This [Video]

If you think Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man trailer is horrible, then watch the one for the first live action Amazing Spider-Man television show circa 1976. Everything you hate about the new one is ten times worse in the 70s trailer.

The new Amazing Spider-Man trailer was released last week and its amazing. Some people hate it though. I admit I was on the side of the haters when I called the costume craptacular. Until I saw what used to pass for cutting edge superhero special effects back in 1977. Good grief.

Here are some common complaints as well as highlights from the 70's trailer.
  • "The new costume isn't faithful to the comics" - The 70s costume looks like someone made it in their basement out of old raincoats.
  • "The POV shot is bad" - The 70s trailer has a POV shot that consists of a hand going up a wall. No jumping. No swinging. Boring.
  • "The action is boring" - The fight scenes in the 70s trailer are horrid. My favorite is where one bad guy gets on his hands and knees and waits patiently for Spider-Man to get on his back and awkwardly kick two other guys.
  • "The Lizard is a weak villain." - Really? How about this. The trailer talks about a "madman who is turning the streets into a siege of terror." Then, using mind control, it shows clips of ordinary people committing crimes. Wouldn't it be more effective to have professionals commit them? What's the advantage? Is your grandma a better bank robber than your average thug?
  • "Andrew Garfield is annoying." - Two words. Teen. Ager. The 70s Peter Parker, Nicholas Hammond, looks 40 years old. Andrew Garfield is in his late twenties, but at least he can pass as a teenager. Plus, his hair doesn't look like a Saturday Night Fever reject.
Maybe it's me, but thank goodness for modern day films. It's sad to think what geeks of years-gone-by had to endure.

Am I wrong? Does the 70s trailer make the new Spider-Man look epic? Are you even looking forward to the new movie?


  1. Arlee, director Zack Snyder agrees with you. He thinks the superhero genre is dying out. Personally, I can't get enough of them. :-)

  2. I don't know...the 70s version looks kind of campy and silly fun.  I don't remember that show, but I wasn't watching much TV once the 70s started.

    Not too excited about the new Spiderman movie.  I really like the first two, but I've gotten kind of burnt out on superheroes.


    Tossing It Out


  3. Good ol Spidey. I remember this, Gasp. Spidey was always good for an amazing adventure and what a laugh!. What happens when Spidey's spiderweb runs out? 

  4. He takes the bus?


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