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Why the 'Wolverine' Sequel Will Never Happen...And Why You Should Be Glad

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) was an unqualified success and a tragic failure. The film made $373,062,864 worldwide. This alone guaranteed the film would be green-lit for a sequel. On the other hand, it got a 37% from critics on the website "Rotten Tomatoes" and is filled with continuity errors.

Here are five reasons we'll never get a sequel and why you should rejoice.

1. Deadpool Spin-off is Ignoring the Original
Like a red-headed step-child, no one wants to be associated with the original. One of the stand-out characters in Wolverine was Deadpool. Played with wit and charm by Ryan Reynolds he exuded cool and, despite getting a small amount of screen time, cut a katana into popular culture. Except for that horrible ending where he turned into a Frankenstein mutant and had his head cut off.
Naturally, the studios noticed and decided to make a spin-off. Minus the horrible ending. “It’s a total reboot… We’re either going to pretend that didn’t happen – or mock it, which he could.”

In fact, this follows the trend of the rest of the upcoming X-Men films. Because of the horrible writing, most X-Men sequels are going to pretend the movie never happened and write it out. What does this mean for a Wolverine sequel? It would have to exist in a world completely removed from the rest of the films making it pointless.

2. All the Other "Origins" Films have Died a Slow Death
X-Men Origins: Wolverine was originally supposed to be a tent pole for a whole bunch of prequel films based on the characters. The next one planned X-Men Origins: Magneto was dumped in favor of X-Men: First Class. Other films, like Professor X and Cyclops have been dumped too.

In fact, Producer Bryan Singer has said that First Class is a type of reboot and will ignore the continuity of the other X-Men films. He has said that Wolverine may appear in future First Class films. This reverses his original statements that the hirsute one would only appear in his own films. Again, Wolverine would be pointless

3. They Lost the Best Director They're Ever Going to Get
Bryan Singer's not coming back to direct the X-Men films. Gavin Wood butchered the first film. Darren Aronofsky is a brilliant director who has been nominated for a Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA and DGA award. He's worked with Jackman before on the brilliant, if confusing, science-fiction film The Fountain and would have given the film a new life and direction. He left for personal reasons and they're still looking for somebody else.

They're not going to find anyone. A couple of the names that have been bounced around are all wanna-bes. Wolverine needs a good director and there's no one that wants to do it.

4. Japan is No Longer An Option as a Shooting Location
After the tragic tsunami Japan has been shut down as a filming location. This means the film would have to be shot on a studio back-lot or in some other location.

Neither of these are realistic for what Jackman describes as an epic feudal Japanese story. 

Does anyone want to see Hugh Jackman swinging a Samurai sword through Central Park?

5. Hugh Jackman's Not Waiting Anymore
While Jackman steadfastly stands behind his vow to make this film, his 6000 calorie diet of chicken breasts and broccoli has taken a toll on him. “I can’t be eating too many more chicken breasts,” he said. Recently, he stopped his diet and is being offered a role in other movies like Snow White and the Huntsman and Fantastic Voyage.

If his agent is any good, he'll tell him to stop holding out for a dead project and take another job. Without Jackman, the film is as good as dead.

Here's the point, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a mess that no one wants to follow, direct or starve for. The only reason the first film was a success is people love Hugh Jackman and they love Wolverine. The Origins film coasted on that success, but can't sustain itself.

On it's own, the film's best hope is a straight-to-DVD movie and nobody wants that. Wolverine may be indestructible, but the film's are dead.

Long live Wolverine.
Are you happy there won't be a sequel to Wolverine?


  1. The fact you found it a tragic failure is just down to your opinion, i've met loads of people who have liked it

  2. i totally loved Wolverine: origins. and as for the cyclops and magneto thing and xavier, i dont think the first class movie did a bad job of telling the magneto and prof x stories for the most part. And the hardcore fans of the xmen dont really care enough about cyclops to really want to see a storyline for him. 

  3. thats what i think at least.

  4. Tony you're right First Class was surprisingly good. I never thought about it, but Cyclops couldn't support a film by himself. XMOW was fun, but just not my style of XMen movie. Glad you enjoyed it though.

  5. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1430132/

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  7. your aption it kicks a**
    (Edited for language)

  8. you are nuts.Wolverine 2 will happen without question. No one at Fox is going to turn down the boatload of money that film would make.

    So Wolverine 1 sucked......so what? What does that have to do with anything? You're not remaking Part 1, you're making Part 2. New film/ new story. You pick up, move on and that's that.

  9. Hey Joe, thanks for your comments! I agree there is serious money to be made in The Wolverine. While I admire the dedication of the film makers and Hugh Jackman you have to ask whether a Wolverine sequel would make as much as X-Men: First Class 2? Or even 3? Good point though.

  10.  Yes it will. Wolverine movie made money. Fox need to regroup and hire a safer director and scriptwriter to ensure the movie will have a better quality.  X3 wasn't that great and yet there are talks of X-men4. What does that tell you? It's just a business.

  11. Cloud, thanks for your comment and you make a good point. I'll be the first on line if they ever get they're act together.

  12. Actually, I would love a Wolverine movie -if- they do it right. I'm completely for pretending the first one didn't exist. Which is too bad, because a lot of the acting was great. Liev was awesome as Sabertooth.

  13. Andrew, Liev did a great job so no argument there. It just feels so irrelevant now.

  14. well there is a sequel and they're filming it right now they even have photos look it up.

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  16. I'm aware that this article is old and all, but all reasons except #2 has been shot down!

  17. Most importantly hugh jackman still cool plays Wolverine.. Lol :D


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