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How to Find Out "Today in Geek History" With Android, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

While we're not a software site, we do love geek history which is why we're passing on this press release about Android, iPad, iPhone app  "Today in Geek History"
"Today in Geek History" now available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices! With over 3000 facts, impress your friends with your geeky knowledge! Find out what happened in Space, Technology, People, Books and Movies (just to name a few).

Whether you're a space geek, nerd, gamer or physicist, “Today in Geek History” has something for everyone. Best of all, it's now available for iOS platforms, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! Also available for Android; the app just received a major update in conjunction with this release for iPhone.

Geek History is a mobile application (currently available for Android) that displays historical facts for any given date, covering topics from Space, Technology, People, Books, Movies and TV shows (just to name a few). The app allows you to share these facts to Twitter, FaceBook, Email or Text Message (on compatible devices).

For example, did you know on December 20, 2002 - Much to the dismay of geeks everywhere, Fox canceled Firefly and airs the final episode? Maybe you're more interested to know that on October 14, 1977 - Atari 2600 goes on sale to the public at retail stores.

Other apps may provide facts about history, but in only a few months, "Today in Geek History" has doubled their database to over 3000 facts (and still growing). Geek History allows you to share these great facts via Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, email, and it's available for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! If you feel there is a fact missing that should be included, you can even submit your own from within the app!
Face it, there's a little geekiness in all of us, and while the application was designed for geeks, everyone's having fun with it!
"Great app! I love being full of little bits of information like this app supplies! Fountain of geek knowledge!! Love it! " said chellion on thenerdmachine.com forums.

"Brilliant app! Geeks will love all the factoids! I use it to plan mini-celebrations for geek events." said hydeandgeek, also on the Android Market.

Tovias at racomics.com says, "All my friends know I'm a total trivia junkie and these apps (Today in Geek History and Today in Movie History) feed my addiction with daily doses of some of the sweetest tidbits of geekery out there. I don't often recommend apps but I am in love with these two."

Today in Geek History comes in two flavors for Android, the Lite and Full version (Lite not yet available for iPhone). Geek History Lite is the same as Geek History, except it’s supported by advertisements, lets you only view the events for the current date and you're unable to share the facts. For a one time price of only 99 cents, it will remove the ad’s, you can search for any date and it will allow you to share these facts with your friends and family!

Today in Geek History is available on the App Store (for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) at:

Android users can find it on the Android Market at: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.jebs.geekhistory

See how easy it is to use Today in Geek History at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2ncMVC1LrU

Screenshots of the iPhone and Android app available at: http://geekhistory.jebsapps.com/screens.php

Jebs Apps, LLC (www.JebsApps.com) was founded by three friends who wanted to make mobile applications that people would enjoy and want to use. We offer Full and Lite versions for our applications (Lite versions contain limited functionality and are supported by advertisements). Our applications are currently being used in over 59 countries, with the larger markets being United States, United Kingdom, France and Canada. 
Thanks for the tip Jeremy!
Do you love geek history trivia? What's your favorite?


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    Going to download it now!

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