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Four GREEN LANTERN Posters Vow Film Will Be Awesome

The four new posters of the superhero movie Green Lantern feature a solemn vow that the new movie will be awe-inspiring. Whether in bright L.A. sunshine or darkened theaters, no evil movie producers will escape the watchful sight of the director.

I get the warm fuzzies knowing this film will be amazing. The new Green Lantern movie stars Ryan Reynolds as the hero Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Blake Lively as his love interest Carol Ferris, Mark Strong as the evil Sinestro, and Peter Sarsgaard as the monstrous Hector Hammond. The story follows a man who joins an intergalactic peace-keeping force that use rings that can create any object they can imagine.

For those who don't know, here is the whole Green Lantern oath: In brightest day/ In blackest night/ No evil shall escape my sight/ Let all who worship evils might/ Beware the power/ Green lantern light!

This movie looks amazing. I feel better already.

Do you believe the vow that the film will be awesome?

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  1. If anything, they have an awesome cast. Time to see if Ryan has what it takes to pull off a huge action role like this!


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