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This Week in Geek - Spider-Man Train Wreck Speeding Up and 3D Past and Future

Turns out the Star Trek Enterprise is running "Windows Vista."
[Pic of the week from starwrecked.com]

This week's geek news features the beginning and end of 3-D, the end of the dreadful Spider-Man musical and more...
  • The Last Airbender and Green Hornet are the latest films to convert their films into inferior post-production 3-D. The critics panned the technique in Clash of the Titans, but the movie made so much money no one cares. If the studios don't take it more seriously they'll kill the format.
  • The Broadway musical based on the Marvel superhero Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has lost another major actor. First, Rachel Evan Wood (Peter's love interest Mary Jane Watson) left, and now Alan Cummings (the villain "The Green Goblin") has dropped out of the role because of scheduling conflicts. We can only hope they at least make a straight-to-DVD movie we can laugh at. [SciFi Wire]
    TOSS-UP Which is a worse idea for a Broadway musical: Green Arrow or The Flash?
  • Blockbuster's celebrated the DVD release of Avatar with a Na'vi look-a-like contest. I hoped to for pictures of corpulent losers with blue grease paint, but instead found a picture of a winner in full prosthetics. Nice, but unfair to the rest of the contestants. [SliceofSciFi]
  • Happy Anniversary - This week, on April 29, 1953, the first experimental 3-D television show was broadcast. A 30-minute episode of Space Patrol was shown in Los Angeles on ABC affiliate KECA-TV. Over 50 years later Avatar becomes the biggest three dimensional movie ever released in theaters and we still don't have widespread 3-D television in the home.
    What are the odds we'll see 3-D television in every home by 2020?


  1. 1. I really do think this whole 3D thing is going to turn out to be a fad. In 2020, they'll have a "I Heart 2010" and go "Remember that whole 3D fad? That was crazy!"
    2. Go riddance to that musical. Is there nothing they won't try to turn into a musical? As for the toss-up, the Flash is the worst idea. I can only imagine the actors going "Here comes Flash!" And then they fling a red cloth across the stage on wires to show him going by. Although the idea of shooting arrows into the audience also has a certain macabre appeal.
    3. Yeah, that's bogus. That's like having a home movie contest and the winner is a Steven Spielberg.
    4. Sad to think it took over fifty years to get back to 3D.

  2. 1. 3-D does seem to be a fad, but they used to say the same thing about sound and color in movies. I'll get you some mustard for your words later bro. LOL
    2. I think it would be worse to have a Green Arrow movie. Every time he fired a shot the audience would duck. The image of a red scarf flying across the stage is pretty funny though.
    3. As far as I can tell the guy that won the Avatar costume contest may have been the only participant. Blockbuster closed the flickr page they had to host the pictures and a cached copy from google shows only two entries. Steven Spielberg. LOL
    4. Its even sadder to think that 3-D is still considered a fad technology 50 years later.


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