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Happy Trails, Corey Haim

In our tradition of recognizing the death of C-level actors just who because had brief roles in a science-fiction-type film decades ago a small but significant role in science-fiction entertainment, today we honor the death of Corey Haim. Because He was in the vampire flick, The Lost Boys, Watchers, and the Stephen King TV movie Silver Bullet. Happy Trails.

UPDATE: The original version of the post was sarcastic and disrespectful to Corey Haim's memory. My sincere apology to all parties involved.

There's an excellent obit in the LA Times called "License to Cry" about how Corey Haim's death wasn't just the almost stereotypical death of another failed child actor. Corey Haim was in a different category.

What do you think of the death of Corey Haim? Tap the comments.


  1. Tragic. Shame he died just as he was getting his life together.
    He was good in Silver Bullet, too.

  2. The death of Corey Haim saddened me because he was really trying hard to get his life together. Anyone watching him on "The Two Coreys" could see him struggling with many addictions and personal problems. It's ironic that the "good" Corey died of a drug overdose, while the "bad boy" Corey went on to a moderately successful career.


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