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Christopher Nolan is Writing the Next Superman

So it's been confirmed that Christopher Nolan is writing a script for a new Superman movie. However, he's not slated to direct. Personally, I'm good with that. While I thought Nolan was a fantastic director in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, his real strength was the way he constructed a compelling, powerful, and faithful story. Hopefully, he can do the same thing with Superman that he did with Batman. The funny thing is to read his interview with the LA Times about the Superman script he's writing, and see how they managed to fill page after page with almost nothing to report. Nolan firmly resists almost all the reporter's efforts at teasing info. About the only tidbits we get are that he will approach Superman the same way he did Batman, make Superman the only superhero in his world (in other words, no Justice League), and that he wants to cast famous actors in cameos. That's it. But I'm still excited. I personally hope he makes Brainiac the villain, because Lex Luthor's been done to death.

What do you think of Christopher Nolan writing Superman? Chime in the comments.


  1. Christopher Nolan will do it right I think. Brainiac would be an awesome villain, especially if they use the current plot line that Brainiac was responsible for the destruction of Krypton. Plenty of room for drama there.

  2. I agree. That gives Brainiac a greater dramatic weight than Luthor.

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  5. Batmaaaaan! Love this fantastic man!
    Can't even imagine the next Christopher Nolan's character!)

  6. It was great pleasure to read about a script for a new Superman movie. Waiting...)


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