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"Avatar" is the most popular movie ever

Okay, I think we all saw this coming, but it finally happened. Avatar officially earned 1.8 billion dollars over the weekend, surpassing the gross of Titanic over the weekend, making it the number-one highest-grossing movie of all time. That means the two highest-grossing movies ever were written and directed by James Cameron.

Okay, Cameron, you can say it: you're king of the world.

Why were these movies so popular? I think it's because Cameron created the perfect date movies. It appeals to both men and women. Men could enjoy the sinking-ship scenes in Titanic while women could enjoy the romance. Men could enjoy the fighting and aliens in Avatar while women could enjoy the romance. That means the new trend in sci-fi will be chick flicks. I can hardly wait (ugh).

What do you make of Avatar's gross? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Man, it's scary to think James Cameron is the most successful movie maker of all time. Of course, the next on the list is Pirates 3 which makes me fear for modern cinema.
    I hate to be the cold water on this story but, as of now, Avatar only made $1,836,143,000 while Titanic made $1,842,879,955. But its only $6,736,55 and I'm sure it'll make up.
    You should get your facts straight before you get the whole town in an uproar man. You're playin' with people's lives here!

  2. LOL...well, I wasn't the only one to get the numbers wrong. Check the link. Me thinks the studio was a little too eager to spread the word. A movie studio inflating its numbers? What's this world coming to?

  3. "Avatar" is such a popular movie and it breaks the records in the cinema. I love the animation of this movie ....


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