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Geek of the Week

Here's this week top stories and opinions. In the comments you can agree or disagree. Join in the conversation!
  1. The new Laptop Steering Wheel Desk from "Mobile Office" is guaranteed to cause an accident since someone out there is going to decide to use it to eat and work on their laptop while driving.

  2. The "Burger King Windows 7 whopper", which is five inches tall and boasts seven meat patties is a brilliant marketing campaign since everyone and their mother is talking about how unhealthy it is.
    Morgan Spurlock will make a sequel to "SuperSize Me" called "Windows 7 Whopper Me".

  3. Microsoft's profits are down 18%, which means that Bill Gates can only afford to buy and sell every human on the planet for $1.94. This provides some comfort that one day Microsoft will one see that human beings have value.

  4. ODDSMAKERS: The number of people that will go to see "Avatar", an up-coming sci-fi movie from Steven Spielburg, and think their going to see "The Last Airbender", the M. Night Shamalyn film based on the animated show "Avatar: The Last Airbender"

  5. The trailer for Benicio Del Toro's "The Wolfman" looks cool, but it's hard not to with all the quick cuts and driving hard rock music. Frankly, this new movie will do about as well as all the other recent werewolf films. Jack Nicholson we're looking in your direction.
    TOSS UP:
    Which would you rather be chased by Benicio Del Toro's Wolfman or FangFace?

  6. Tonight's episode of "Dollhouse" named "Belonging" will in no way diminish our hope that the show gets picked up by cable television.
    OVER\UNDER: The show will last six more episodes before being canceled

  7. Someone, somewhere will buy the "Transformers AllSpark" Rubik's cube simply to complete his growing collection of Rubik's cubes.
    That man will die happy in a bed made of cubes.

  8. Now that Harlan Ellison has finally reached a settlement in his lawsuit over the Star Trek episode "The City on the edge of forever" he wrote over 41 years ago, he'll finally stop being such an egomaniac.
What do you think? Agree or Disagree?

1 comment:

  1. 1. FALSE. While its tempting, the fact that the wheel won't turn with the tray in place means that its an unlikely event. Not that someone won't try though.
    2. TRUE. It's not the way they would have wanted it, but everyone and their mother knows Windows 7 is out. It was just the boost they needed. Now, whether anybody cares is another question. ODDS: 32%
    3. Microsoft does see people as having value. They also want to see people part with that value by buying their products.
    4. ODDS: 5%. Most people have never heard of the animated show and those who do already have the release date set in their calendars.
    5. If they could make Megashark vs. Giant octopus look cool, they can make anything. TOSSUP: I'd choose Fangface since I could always show him a picture of a Coppertone bottle to change him back.
    6. TRUE. The episode was amazing, but it'll never find its place on network television. SyFy might buy it though and it would do well.
    7. TRUE. I was amazed to find out that there really are collections of Rubiks cubes. I'm not sure whether that's cool or sad.
    8. FALSE. Harlan will never change.


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