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New Talk of a Tennant Doctor Who Feature - BBC is talking about a big screen Doctor Who movie featuring David Tennant which is odd on two points: One, a Doctor Who movie would be a gamble considering how well known the character actually is outside of Britain. Two, David Tennant has already said he's leaving the show, so this would be a slap in the face for the new twelfth Doctor, Matt Smith to me.

Star Trek is now 2009's top-grossing film - No surprise there, but I wonder how high it will go in "All-time" status?

Will Summer Glau enter Joss Whedon's Dollhouse?
- Now that "Terminator" has been cancelled, Summer Glau (River Tam in "Firefly") is free to re-unite with Joss Whedon on Dollhouse for it's second season.

New Tomb Raider to be a prequel film? - With Prequel-mania striking Hollywood, it's no surprise that "Tomb Raider" is being rebooted. But really, is there any point?

Spider-Man Marriage Restored… In Newspaper Comic Strip - After the outcry from rabid readers, Spider-man is being re-united with Mary Jane...in the daily comic strip. The idea of making it all a dream clears out the ret-con nicely. No word if the comics will follow suit.

Terminator Salvation director McG says he's the biggest j--k in Hollywood - Apparently Bay accused McG of stealing his giant robots from Transformers and McG responded with class and dignity...not.

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  1. 1) Not really interested in a Dr. Who movie, after the last one. But maybe the new movie will introduce the regeneration into the new Dr, like the American TV movie did.
    2) No surprise. Great movie.
    3) I think Summer Glau is awesome (and hot), but I'm disappointed that she's not going to be playing an Active. She has that deadpan robotic look down cold. But then, it would be cool to see her with more range.
    4) Don't care about "Tomb Raider," especially if it won't have Angelina Jolie. But maybe it'll be good.
    5) About freakin' time. Why'd they have to throw the baby out with the bathwater? Getting rid of his marriage is just another sign the comics writers are completely out of touch with the readers.
    6) The idea that Michael Bay could accuse Terminator of stealing his idea for giant robots when the Terminator series goes back to the 80's is mind-boggling in its arrogance. Especially when his movie was based on a cartoon. I didn't think it would be possible for McG to come out looking bad on his side of the argument, but that comment takes the cake.


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