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Top 10 Awesome Comics This Week - #40

Batman #80 cover by John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson

Find out the top 10 comics featuring ethnic characters or talent this week. Find out in this week's new comic pull list. What happens when Batman fights Bane with Catwoman? What happens in the finale for "House of X"? Who will win: Young Justice or evil Young Justice?

Find out in this week's comic pull list.

1. Batman #80

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Tom King
Artist: John Romita Jr.
Cover Artist: John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson
Partial Summary: CITY OF BANE, PART 6 The bad guys thought they had it made with Bane in control, but with Batman back in Gotham they’ll be reminded what justice feels like… and how it hurts when it hits you in the face. ...
On Sale:   Oct 2nd, 2019
Price: $3.99
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2. Champions #10

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Steven Cummings
Cover Artist: Kim Jacinto
Partial Summary: The next generation made a vow to do better. Now, they have to live up to it, as the future of the Champions hangs in the balance.
On Sale:   Oct 2nd, 2019
Price: $3.99
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3. Fantastic Four #15

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Paco Medina
Cover Artist: Nick Bradshaw
Partial Summary: "'Point of Origin' Part 2 Everyone knows the story of the brave souls who were bombarded by cosmic rays and transformed into superhuman beings, how they became their world’s first line of defense against all alien..."
On Sale:   Oct 2nd, 2019
Price: $3.99
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4. House of X #6

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Pepe Larraz
Cover Artist: Pepe Larraz
Partial Summary: THE INEVITABLE TRUTH. The revelatory tale of Mutantkind's fall comes to a conclusion that will lay the groundwork of the X-Men's stories for years to come! Superstar writer Johnathan Hickman (NEW AVENGERS, FF, INFINITY)...
On Sale:   Oct 2nd, 2019
Price: $4.99
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5. The Immortal Hulk #24

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Joe Bennett
Cover Artist: Alex Ross
Partial Summary: As the war with Shadow Base comes to a brutal, bloody end, Bruce Banner has a choice to make.  And the repercussions of that choice will have an effect on every single life on this planet... including the IMMORTAL...
On Sale:   Oct 2nd, 2019
Price: $3.99
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6. Justice League #33

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV
Artist: Bruno Redondo
Cover Artist: Francis Manapul
Partial Summary: "'The Justice Doom War' part four! Apex Lex Luthor is in ascendance, and he’s taking out the remaining members of the Justice League in the present just as his Legion of Doom is beating down the time-traveling..."
On Sale:   Oct 2nd, 2019
Price: $3.99
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7. Lois Lane #4

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
Cover Artist: Mike Perkins
Partial Summary: Renee Montoya wants answers.  But can she handle the truth of what Lois Lane has uncovered?  The questions pile up as Lois meets with both Renee and the original faceless detective, Vic Sage.
On Sale:   Oct 2nd, 2019
Price: $3.99
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8. Marvel Action: Black Panther #3

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Writer: Kyle Baker
Artist: Juan Samu
Cover Artist: Juan Samu
Partial Summary: Black Panther and Shuri faced a deadly swarm of mosquitos in the depths of the Wakandan jungle. Now they must race home to defend their country from the mastermind behind the recent unnatural natural disasters. Story and...
On Sale:   Oct 2nd, 2019
Price: $3.99
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9. Star Wars #72

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Phil Noto
Cover Artist: Phil Noto
Partial Summary: RUIN AMONG THE ROCKS! • The time for answers is upon us – and destinies will change! As CHEWIE grapples with a terrible moral choice, LORD VADER reveals his plan for the rock people of K43! • As LUKE questions...
On Sale:   Oct 2nd, 2019
Price: $3.99
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10. Young Justice #9

Publisher: Wonder Comics
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Andre Lima, John Timms
Cover Artist: John Timms
Partial Summary: "Oh man!  Lost in the Multiverse with no way home, the teens of Young
Justice find themselves trapped on a dark world that was once run by the evil Justice League known as the Crime Syndicate, but is now run by their..."
On Sale:   Oct 2nd, 2019
Price: $3.99
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What comics are you buying this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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