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ICYMI: THOR 4 News, LeVar Burton on PICARD TV Show and More

Why is the Akira movie on hold again? Who refuses to watch any of the Star Wars movies? Which long-running game is coming to TV? Will Geordi come back for Picard? Which Spider-Man: Far From Home characters was almost a Skrull?

We can't always cover everything. So here's everything you missed this morning Thursday, July 18, 2019. In Case You Missed It (ICYMI).

Above Image: You Can Wear Steve's Scoops Ahoy Uniform for Halloween This Year | io9

1. ‘Thor 4’ Coming From Director Taika Waititi as Live-Action ‘Akira’ is Put On Hold Indefinitely | /Film

The best of news and the worst of news.
There are no story details available for Thor 4 yet, but it’s likely that the plot will involve Hemsworth’s Thor, Tessa Thompson‘s Valkyrie, and the survivors of Asgard, who are now living in Norway.  There’s also a chance the plot will carry over from the next Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, as the conclusion of Endgame saw Thor blasting off into space with the Guardians. This is all speculation, though.

2. ‘Birds Of Prey’ Star Margot Robbie Won’t Watch ‘Star Wars’ Movies | Heroic Hollywood

I’ve never seen any Star Wars. And I kind of don’t watch it now just because it infuriates people so much, like, ‘How? How have you never watched any Star Wars?’ And I just kinda wanna see how long I can make it now.

3. SDCC 2019 Guide: All Trailers, Footage, News & More | ScreenRant | Screenrant

It's going to be epic

4. The Creator of Man in the High Castle Is Bringing Warhammer 40,000 to Live-Action TV | io9

Announced today by the wardens of the Warhammer 40K and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar tabletop gaming franchises—and the vast multimedia empire of books, comics, games, and other adaptations behind them—Spotnitz’s Big Light Productions will helm a live-action TV show based around the character of Gregor Eisenhorn.

5. LeVar Burton Expects ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Cast To Appear On ‘Picard’ …Eventually | Trek Movie

“Are you gonna see all of us together, again, in a scene or episode? I don’t know,” said Burton, anticipating a high degree of contract negotiation and budget discussion to get the entire cast back on deck together. “There’s a lot of paper that needs to be papered, before we get there.”

6. Tim Miller breaks down the new Terminators of Terminator: Dark Fate | Jo Blo

There’s this new future because of what Sarah did at the end of Terminator 2, and it’s worse than ever. And that gives us the opportunity for these new characters. Gabriel comes from something that is not Skynet, but it’s like Skynet. And Mackenzie comes from something that Kyle Reese and the Resistance did.

7. Why the Emmy 2019 Nominations Represent an Overdue and Refreshing Change of Pace (Column) | Variety

8. New Star Trek: Picard Photo Features Jean-Luc With His Dog | We Got This Covered

9. An Earlier Version Of SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Would Have Outed Mysterio As A Skrull | Comic Book Movie

"There were some early, early versions of this movie where Mysterio was a Skrull," Spider-Man: Far From Home co-writer Erik said. "There were a lot of Skrull versions of the story early on. When you’re doing a con artist movie, what we finally landed on—we sat down and talked about how do we keep on fooling the audience, how do we keep on having a lot of fun reveals? How many distractions can we get away with before people want to murder us? [The Mysterio skrull reveal] was an early idea about why he was doing everything he was doing," 

10. ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Almost Featured Another Donald Glover Cameo | /Film

“We loved that character and we wanted to do it, but we just wanted to get out of New York and get on the trip as soon as possible," Spider-Man: Far From Home co-writer Erik Sommers revealed. "There were several things we would have loved to do in New York before he left, but we just didn’t have time.”
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