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Warner Bros Thinks You Want Four Harley Quinn Movies

Suicide Squad (2016) - Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie)
Margot Robbie says there's a completely separate solo Harley Quinn movie coming.

They're so sure that people love the Joker sidekick and sometimes girlfriend that they've made the decision to produce not one. Not two. Not even three. But four separate movies featuring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

She told MTV that she's been working on a separate spin-off of Harley Quinn for two years. She says it's "totally separate" from the Harley Joker and Gotham City Sirens movies. "I'm not sure what's going to happen," Robbie told MTV "But everyone's keen to get Harley back on screen. So everyone's working on lots of different versions of what that could be."

Harleen Frances Quinzel aka Harley Quinn first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series back in 1992 and has been a fan favorite ever since. While the reviews of Suicide Squad were mixed everyone agreed that Margot Robbie was the best thing in the movie. Considering the latest DC shared universe movie Justice League is a flop it makes sense they'd want to hedge their bets. But is that what audiences really want?

So, for those keeping track, here's the future for Harley Quinn. She's already scheduled to appear in the untitled, undated Suicide Squad sequel. She'll also appear in the female team-up movie Gotham City Sirens along with Jared Leto as the Joker and Catwoman and Poison Ivy. There's also talk of a Joker and Harley Quinn solo movie also starring Jared Leto. Now it turns out Robbie is producing her own solo movie and will serve as executive producer through her newly established production company, LuckyChap Entertainment.

Why in the world would they make a fourth Harley Quinn movie? "I want to see her with other women," she told MTV. "I kept saying it when we were shooting Suicide Squad. I was like, she needs her girlfriends. She needs other girls around her because she loves that."

The funny thing is this is exactly why they're making Gotham City Sirens. Why she doesn't think that's going to happen in Gotham City Sirens is anyone's guess, but maybe she knows something we don't.

It is one hundred percent true that the superhero genre (Marvel and DC) needs more "Girl Game". The overwhelming success of Wonder Woman proves that. But is it a good idea to focus on one female character and ignore any others?

The movies announced are Aquaman (2018), Shazam (2019), Wonder Woman 2 (2019), Cyborg (2020), and Green Lantern Corps (2020). The ones without release date are Batgirl, The Batman, Black Adam, Flashpoint, Gotham City Sirens, Justice League Dark, Nightwing, Suicide Squad 2, an Untitled Birds of Prey film, an Untitled Deadshot film, an Untitled Deathstroke film, an Untitled Harley Quinn film, an Untitled Harley Quinn and the Joker film, an Untitled Justice League sequel, an Untitled Lobo film, and the Untitled Man of Steel sequel.

Of the 21 upcoming DC superhero movies, she's going to be in almost a quarter of them. So, like it or not, DC is all in on Harley Quinn.

Of course, it's possible we're misunderstanding what she's saying. She might be talking about a movie that's been announced, but it's unlikely.

It's been well documented that Warner Bros is struggling with their shared movie universe. But there's one thing they're sure of. You can't get enough Harley Quinn.

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What do you think of the upcoming Harley Quinn movie? Are you excited or sick of it?

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