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How Should You Start Watching "Star Trek"?

If you're new to the Star Trek franchise, the idea of catching up might be overwhelming. With twelve movies and six TV shows, it will take some time, and you might feel like you couldn't possibly get through them all. Well, I'm here to help. I'm compiling the ultimate guide to Star Trek consumption at About.com. With these helpful links, you'll be guided through your journey to earning your Vulcan ears as a bonafide Trekker.

1. How Do I Start Watching Star Trek? - How should you watch Star Trek? Here's a rundown of three methods of watching all the movies and TV shows in the right order. Whether you want to start with the Original Series and work your way down chronologically or you want to start with the most recent movies and work your way back, it's covered.

2. A Beginners Guide to Star Trek TV - Just want to get the highlights and find out what you're getting into? Here's an overview of all the Star Trek shows that have aired on television. From the Original Series to Enterprise, these are just the facts.

3. All the Star Trek Movies Ranked From Worst to Best - Even the most diehard Star Trek fan will admit all the movies aren't gems. But at the same time, Star Trek movies have produced some of the most emotional and thoughtful movies in science fiction. Here's the order fans have put them in.

4. 11 Best Episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series - With three seasons of the classic series, you may not want to binge them all. If you want to get the best of the Original Series instead of watching them in order, here are the eleven shows to start with.

5. 10 Best Episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation - The new Star Trek series took the franchise to bold new worlds, and there are plenty of great episodes to watch. But if you just want to get the best of the best, this is the place to go.

6. 10 Best Episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - This series broke the mold of Trek with an African-American captain, internal conflict, and based on a starship instead of a spaceship. This list captures the essence of the series.

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How would you watch Star Trek? What do you think are the best and worst?

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