Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), Source: Warner Bros/DC Comics
In the new trailer for Batman v Superman, we finally got to see what gets Batman so mad at Superman (allegedly). It seems Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis during the battle between Zod and Superman, and one of his buildings got knocked down during the destruction. But at what point does it intersect with Man of Steel? Well, we put together this mash-up of footage from Man of Steel and the footage from Batman v Superman's trailer to show how the battle went down from Batman's POV. Check it out.

What do you think?

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Colin Biggs said...

With this footage in mind it's easy to see why Bruce and Superman are at odds. I give Snyder credit for allowing Alfred to remain the moral compass rather than have him contribute to the hive mind.

Pat Dilloway said...

That's some good work there. I like how they took the most criticized aspect (unfairly I'd say) in the destruction of Metropolis and turned it into a crucial plot point. Now they can say, Um, yeah, we meant to do that.

William Braylen said...

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