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Geek Bits: Favorite Jurassic Park Movie, HERCULES IN NEW YORK Review and More [Links]

"The Creation of Adam" by Leonardo da Vinci meets Batman via Vartan Garnikyan

I'd love to hear what you think of the Internet's strangest and geekiest moments in this week's "Geek Bits."


This week's poll question is about Jurassic World. Which is your favorite movie in the Jurassic Park franchise?


Vartan Garnikyan Mashes Batman with Famous Paintings

Land of the Giants Comic Book Page (via Being Retro)

How to become Otaku. (via blahblahblahyackitysmackity)

8 Disaster Movie Cliches in San Andreas (via MsMariah's Space Blog-yssey)

LOTR Director Peter Jackson Posts A Touching Tribute To His Friend Christopher Lee (via Comic Book Movie)

NAACP Leader Rachel Dolezal Allegedly Faked Being A Black Woman For Years (via Huffington Post)



Star Trek: The Animated Series - "The Eye of the Beholder" (01x15) - Not Recommended
Official synopsis: Spock, Sulu and Uhura are captured by the Kzinti, who are trying to learn the secret of an ancient weapon.

This episode is fun, but not anything ground-breaking. The aliens kidnap the humans and put them in a zoo, which is familiar to Star Trek fans. They have superior intelligence, even to Spock, and treats them like animals. This is familiar too. Spock and McCoy bicker which is normal. So there's nothing really to recommend although it is a gorgeous episode with wonderful alien designs. The writer David P. Harmon also wrote the original Star Trek episodes "The Deadly Years" and "A Piece of the Action" and those are much more fun to watch.

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Hercules in New York (1969) - Recommended
See Arnold Schwarzenegger as the mythological Hercules! Toga clad and ripped to Mr. Universe proportions, Hercules is bored with life on Mount Olympus. When he declares his desire to live among earthly mortals, his father Zeus hurls an angry thunderbolt at Hercules and sends him plummeting to Earth. A freighter bound for New York picks up the water-logged demi-god and thus begins a raucous, muscle-bound adventure that pits New Yorkers against the godly denizens of Mount Olympus. You have your choice of either the real Arnold or the dubbed version!

This low-budget movie stars 22-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger (billed as Arnold Strong) in his first feature film. If you love bad movies then this is a gold mine. Almost every scene is filmed in New York's Central Park and hotel rooms. Schwarzenegger's accent is so thick and heavy you can hardly understand him although he does say "I am Hercules (Hah-coo-leees)" a lot so we know who he is. His accent was so bad it was originally dubbed with a more heroic voice, but it's been restored.  Oddly enough, Schwarzenegger's youth works for him and is a wonderful contrast to his later gun-toting macho roles. In this one he's simple, sweet and kind and that's wonderful to see. My favorite part of the movie has Hercules fighting an escaped bear in the park. The best part is the guy in the bear suit either has no idea how bears fight or is genuinely angry because he starts punching and kicking Schwarzenegger in a very un-bear-like manner. Watch it below and enjoy the show. I am Hercules!

What do you think of this week's links and reviews?

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  1. I have to watch that Hercules movie without the dubbing.

  2. Lots of Treks creature characters have personality, unfortunately something is lost in TAS because not all of them speak. Now imagine if they did!

    This is epic Hercules. I have to admit when I saw the creature in the park, I split my sides laughing. I actually felt sorry for the bear LOL.

  3. The bear got a good beating rom Arnold Schwarzenegger fists. The animation in this episode was pretty weak.

  4. That's a very unconvincing bear, lol. I haven't seen any Hercules movies.

  5. That was pretty hilarious. I think Ahh-nold was reading most of his lines off cue cards or something. Kind of odd that they use the Roman names for pretty much everyone except Zeus.

  6. thanks for the shout out... JP'93 introduced us to a larger scope of beauty and destruction... opening us to a world we've only read about...

  7. Hi guys! I hope you're doing well. What a find with the Hercules film. This is MST3K material. Speaking of which, I finally saw CHUD for the first time!

  8. They should definitely do a RiffTrax of it since its hilariously bad. I've never actually seen CHUD. How was it?

  9. It opened a lot of doors Jeremy and windows to dreams.

  10. I haven't seen a lot either Medeia but I'm sure bears don't usually punch people. LOL

  11. Thanks for the link! I will miss Christopher Lee. :-(
    He has gone to be with his friend Grand Moff Tarkin...Peter Cushing...

  12. I've seen very little Star Trek TAS. But I'm intrigued - are the Kzinti in this episode the same as the cat-like alien warriors from Larry Niven's Ringworld novels? would be quite a crossover if so.

  13. Has to be the original Jurassic Park - I think it's the only one (so far) that is more than just an action/effects movie with dinosaurs.


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