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If Sonic Worked at Sonic... [Cartoon]

The Sega videogame Sonic the Hedgehog first came out in 1991. He's a super-fast hedgehog who raced through levels, collected rings, and dodged obstacles to fight the evil Dr. Robotnik. Since then, there's been several animated series, and a few mediocre sequels. Eventually, Sonic the Hedgehog might end up being forgotten, and he'll need to get another job. And where would he work at? Sonic Drive-In, of course. HOOMPH created this cartoon to show it would go something...like this.
<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://hoom.ph/post/48008709035/sonic-at-sonic">http://hoom.ph/post/48008709035/sonic-at-sonic</a>

If you don't hear the PINGALINGALING sound while looking at that last panel, then you probably never played this game.

[Via IMGUR via Hoomph]

What do you think of the cartoon? What other game characters should get ironic jobs?

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  1. I heard that Crash Bandicoot was spotted driving around picking up kids in his van..

  2. I never did play Sonic, not having a Sega Genesis.

  3. Funny picture, David.
    I spent many hours playing Sonic and Sonic II. Maybe Tails could be a helicopter pilot?


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