Oblivion (2013)
The best way to celebrate Earth Day is for everyone to leave. Today is "Earth Day" and it's a wonderful reminder that we need to do all we can to preserve our world. Earth Day is on April 22nd every year and is celebrated worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

But, if there's one thing movies have taught us, it's that the Earth is just fine if we all leave.

Here are the top movies that remind us that Mother Earth works better if we just leave it alone.

9 Movies That Prove Earth is Better Off Without Us

While movies say the best way to save the earth is to leave, it's still the best planet in the universe. So, let's take care of it. Visit earthday.org to learn more

How are you celebrating Earth Day? Would Earth really be better without the people?

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Pat Dilloway said...

The Walking Dead isn't really a movie. I think National Geographic had a series on how nature would take over after we're all gone.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And Zardoz and Battlefield Earth prove we can make bad movies.

MPax said...

Zardoz is one trippy movie. I would rate it... 'not enough beer'. lol

Jay Noel said...

I tried watching After Earth three times. I quit. It was just so bad despite the amazing special effects.

Liesel Hill said...

I think it's kind of funny that all dystopians prove that, especially because I love dystopian and write it. I didn't really celebrate earth day today--didn't remember it was--but maybe I should do a dystopian post in honor of it. :D

**Hooray for The Walking Dead! Best show ever!**

Maurice Mitchell said...

You should Liesel! It's not too late. Dystopian futures are supposed to be horrible but you can't beat the beauty of untouched nature.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Not enough beer but plenty of whiskey Mary. Zardoz makes absolutely no sense in that cerebral acid trip style they did in the 1970s. Besides the insane costumes the themes are beyond experimental and went to coo-coo crazy real fast. It's also great that he wore a toupee with a ponytail. LOL

Maurice Mitchell said...

Beautiful bad movies Alex

Maurice Mitchell said...

It's not but I'm leaving it in Pat. That series actually inspired the look of I Am Legend although the name escapes me now.


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