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5 Awesome Black Panther Villains Who Should Be in the Movie

With the announcement of the Black Panther movie, the question becomes who he'll be fighting. The Black Panther does have a rogues gallery of villains the movies can tap into, and we'll run down the five most well-known and deadliest.

5. Killmonger - When Ulysses Klaw (to be named later) and his mercenaries attacked Wakanda, they were defeated, and exiled. One of the exiled mercenaries moved to New York, where his son became Erik Killmonger, a brilliant scientist. Killmonger returned to Wakanda, where he used his advanced technology and physical skills to stage a coup d'etat to overthrow the Black Panther. Even though he failed and was killed, he was revived by the Mandarin to return time and again to threaten T'Challa's rule.

4. White Wolf - When a plane crashed in Wakanda, its sole survivor was a Caucasian boy named Hunter. Adopted by the king of Wakanda, Hunter was raised as a brother of T'Challa, and trained as a warrior. Hunter eventually became the head of Wakanda's secret police, Hatut Zeraze, and was renamed the White Wolf. His resentement towards his adopted brother, who became the Black Panther, led him to heights of brutality that led to T'Challa disbanding the Hatut Zeraze. The White Wolf eventually formed the Hatut Zeraze into a mercenary group.

3. Man Ape - M'Baku, while a member of a small tribe within Wakanda, bathed in white gorilla blood and ate white gorilla flesh. In the ritual, he gained enhanced speed and strength and became Man-Ape, the second greatest warrior in Wakanda after Black Panther. With the aid of his White Gorilla Cult, Man-Ape plots to become the ruler of Wakanda

2. Baltroc - George Baltroc, better known as "Baltroc the Leaper," is a French mercenary trained in savate, the French style of kickboxing. He's battled many superheroes in the comics, but has been a deadly enemy of Black Panther. In his current comic incarnation, he serves as lieutenant to Klaw. He made a brief but memorable appearance in Captain America: Winter Soldier, played by Georges St. Pierre.

1. Klaw - Dr. Ulyssess Klaw is a human physicist who, while trying to steal vibranium to make a device that turned sound into matter, killed Black Panther's father. In the process, he had his right hand cut off, but replaced it with a device that turned sound into solid objects. He was later turned into a being composed of pure sound. Klaw has the benefit of not only being one of Black Panther's oldest and most powerful villains, but has already been cast. Andy Serkis will be playing Klaw in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which means he's most likely going to be in the Black Panther movie.

Which would be the best villain for Black Panther?

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  1. The White Wolf would give it a Thor vibe with the evil adopted brother.

  2. We know Klaw will be one of them, but White Wolf would be cool.

  3. Definitley, Klaw. that's what my best friend, who's a mad fan, would say. :)


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