RIP Harve Bennett, Who Resurrected Star Trek On the Big Screen (via io9)
While many believe that celebrities die in groups of three, the sad death of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan producer Herve Bennett is just a coincidence. A pretty big coincidence since another Star Trek icon died last week. If Shatner kicks it I'll believe it. I'd love to hear what you think of the Internet's greatest moments in this week's "Geek Bits."

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10. Rumor: 95% Chance New Spider-Man Won’t Be White (via /Film)

9. What’s Your Star Wars Occupation? (via He Geek She Geek)

8. ALIEN 3 & ALIEN 4 Will Be Disregarded in Neill Blomkamp’s ALIEN Film (via Film-Book)
"I want this film to feel like it's literally the genetic sibling of Aliens," said Blomkamp. "So it's Alien, Aliens, and then this movie".

7. Leonard Nimoy - Scifi Icon (via MsMariah's Space Blog-yssey)

6. What Marvel Characters End Up Being Called In Other Languages (via io9)

5. What If WES ANDERSON Directed The X-MEN? (via Neatorama)

4. The Ultimate Marvel Marathon Is Happening: 29 Hours, 11 Movies, One Sitting (via /Film)

3. 10 Directors We’d Love To See Take On Marvel’s Black Panther (via The Mary Sue)

2. Star Trek Online's Memorial For Leonard Nimoy Is Here And Perfect (via io9)

1. Harrison Ford Injured, But Fine...All Fine, After Los Angeles Plane Crash; Chewbacca Comments (via /Film)

What do you think of this week's links?
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Pat Dilloway said...

Ignoring those lame Aliens sequels is for the best. Like how Rocky Balboa pretty much ignored Rocky V because it sucked and no one liked it.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Blomkamp makes another Alien movie, we can ignore that one as well. Chappie really got panned by the critics and so did his last film.
And if Wes Anderson had directed X-Men I never would've watched it.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Yeah, it's for the best. Those films are OK, but not nearly as good as the first two. Plus, they killed Newt!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Chappie has strong early ticket sales, but the critics aren't big fans Alex. Who knows?

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