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28 Amazing Black Cosplay Photos Prove Diversity is Awesome [Gallery]

Cosplayers have an amazing gift. They inspire and embody everything that geeks and fans love. They not only love their characters, but bring them to life. This is true of people of all races and they celebrate the diversity. One sad reality though is that some in the community are pushing back against cosplayers that are of the opposite race. They complain about "authenticity". While it's true that the more that cosplayer looks like the original character the better the costume there should be no limits on skin tone.

Cosplay is definied as a movement by fans to dress up as their favorite anime and science fiction characters and are frequently seen at science fiction conventions. I've done it myself and loved every minute of it.

This month, in celebration of Black History Month, a hashtag was organized by Chaka Cumberbatch called #28DaysofBlackCosplay and it's exploded across the Internet. She told Entertainment Weekly "#28DaysOfBlackCosplay was born from the desire to foster a sense of pride, unity and community among black cosplayers. Black cosplayers are a group of people who are used to being made fun of, shut out and passed over, even as cosplay as a whole has gained more mainstream acceptance - cosplay is still just not 'something you do' as a black person … It’s like the hashtag became a rallying cry - everyone wanted to participate.

"It’s been so incredible, heartwarming and inspiring to see all the different pictures and stories. Even more amazing is hearing from people who were too nervous to cosplay before this - but upon seeing all the different examples of black cosplay, are excited about joining in now. If we’ve encouraged even one person to try cosplay for the very first time, then that in and of itself makes this whole thing completely worth it to me, you know?"

Here are 28 cosplay images that prove that (to rip-off Martin Luther King Jr.) a cosplayer should not be judged by the color of his skin but by the content of their character. When possible, I've identified the model.
Man of Steel
Harley Quinn

Predator by Knightmage1

Bane by Raymond Ramos
Black Widow
Jade from Mortal Kombat

Sailor Moon by Chaka Cumberbatch 
Elena from Street Fighter

She-Ra by kcwebgirl

Kasumi from Dead or Alive by schizoalias

Iron Fist and Luke Cage
Chun-Li from Street Fighter

Uhura from Star Trek by Josephine

Every Storm

Wonder Woman
Captain America Father and Son by Keith Sowa

Samurai Green Lantern

Cable  Bishop and Doctor Strange


Poison Ivy

Gamora and Nebula by Jay Justice and Unknown

Miles Morales Spider-Man by Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey

Some images via We Are Wakanda, Princess Mentality Cosplay,

What do you think of the cosplay? Does matter matter when cosplaying?

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  1. Some of the ladies are really darn sexy. The half and half costume is original.

  2. it's funny I was going to say the same darn thing... costumes just done right...

  3. I always appreciate parents who are willing to dress up with their kids.
    I say have fun, it doesn't matter what others think.

  4. Is the first one Chris Rock? If it is not, he looks very much alike. I like diversity but only a dragon can look like a dragon... ;)

  5. I agree with Alex, some of them are sexy and the costumes look awesome.

  6. All sexy ladies Alex and the Batman/Superman is one of my favs too. I wish I could find him.

  7. There's a lot of love in every costume Clarissa!

  8. Cosplaying with your kids feels like a great way to share your passions. Besides looking awesome of course. I've always wanted to play Batman and Robin with my son. Maybe next year.

  9. Cosplaying is something I would never do but I have to admire the work they put into it.

  10. Cosplay can be totally fun especially if you have an appetite for exhibitionism!

  11. I absolutely love this list. Great job putting this all together.

  12. I'm so glad you enjoyed it Ms Mariah! it was a ton of fun to do.

  13. Iron fist and Luke Cage are just too cute.

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    Thanks for your sharing.


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