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Will WONDER WOMAN Trilogy Be Set in the Past?

Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)
Bleeding Cool claims to have some inside information that, if true, would make the Wonder Woman trilogy of movies quite different than we expected. Instead of being set in modern day, the first two would be historical pieces set in the past. Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston claims:
I have been informed by those who have seen the greenlit treatment that the film will spend the first half on Paradise Island with warring Amazon factions vying for control.
An arrival of a man on the island changes that status quo, as he asks the Amazons for help. Not necessarily Steve Trevor either…
Because when Wonder Woman joins him on his return to the world of Man, we all discover that it is the 1920s. And the film will then show Diana exploring that world – a world where women have only just got the vote – from her… unique perspective.
A planned sequel would then take place during World War II in the thirties and forties. This of course was the period that the seventies TV show began in, before shifting to the then-modern day.
And a threequel would then take place in the modern day, with the Justice League Of America
Personally, this makes sense to me. Wonder Woman has always been a symbol of feminism, and the 1920's is a period when women's rights were seriously in jeopardy. Dropping WW into that period seems like it will lead to some interesting stuff. And then World War II would be the more traditional setting for Wonder Woman, as we saw in the unofficial Wonder Woman trailer. WW kicking Nazi butt, sounds a lot like Captain America: The First Avenger.

What do you think about a historical Wonder Woman trilogy in the past?

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  1. Not thrilled about flapper Wonder Woman. Start in WWII like CAptain America and the T.v.show.

  2. I like the historical aspect. I'm a fan of flappers :)

  3. If that's where the comics started, it makes sense. Set in the 20's, she'll definitely be ahead of her time.

  4. I am not, they write a good story, followed by special effects and long shower scenes.. lol.


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