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Watch Tony Hawk Ride a Real Hoverboard...For Real, This Time

Earlier this year, pro skater Tony Hawk was in a video claiming to be a working "hoverboard," like the famous skateboard from Back to the Future II. When the video was revealed to be a hoax, he was roundly criticized. Well, Hawk has redeemed himself (sort of) by test driving the first real hovering board, the Hendo Hover. The Hendo uses powerful magnetic fields to actually float an inch off of a special copper ramp. Here's the video, courtesy of the Ride Channel.

The only problem is that the Hendo board kind of sucks. I mean, it's huge and bulky, hardly the sleek hoverboard flying over sidewalks from BTTF. It also only works over copper and barely hovers, maybe getting a few centimeters of the ground. And it costs $10,000. You could get better results with a skateboard for a fraction of the time and cost. But Hawk still managed to make it look cool when he did a 10-80 on it. We're getting closer, people.

[Via CNET]

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  1. This is interesting. Maybe in the future we'll have metal roads with hovering vehicles.

  2. Tony Hawk falling off a hoverboard - for real!

    It's kind of cool. I'm sure it needs a lot more work to be practical, but at least it's a real hoverboard.


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