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STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS in Klingon and 9 Other Languages

We figured Lucasfilm is probably busy reading all the reactions to the new title for Star Wars: Episode VII, so they probably don't have time to translate the title into different languages. To help them out, we've gone to the Internet to translate the title into 9 essential languages from Spanish to Klingon.

Update: Changed Italian, Spanish, Klingon, German and added Gallifreyan.

If you want to make your own fake Star Wars: The Force Awakens logo, then download this blank Star Wars logo and use Serif Gothic (a font similar to ITC Serif) to make the title.

What's your favorite fictional language? Would you watch Star Wars in Klingon?

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  1. The Klingon one is actually quite close.

  2. I would translate "The Force Awakens" as something like:

    «vem HoS'a'» ("the great power wakes up")
    «vulHa'choH HoS'a'» ("the great power returns from unconsciousness")
    «HoSqa' HoS'a'» ("the great force becomes powerful again").

  3. Thanks for the correction! I'll update it.

  4. I wish I spoke Klingon... I think I missed the point.

  5. Yeah, that was a mistranslation Alex. I fixed it thanks to @klingonska

  6. ''la poder despierta'' así o mas pendejo, en español es el ''despertar de la fuerza''


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