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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Walkman Would Cost $1000 and Other Retro Toy Facts in Infographic by 80's Retro Toys

"80s Cash In The Attic – How much are your old toys, video games and gadgets worth?" via 80's Retro Toys

If Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) ever wanted to go back home he'd fetch quite a bit of money. The price on old Guardians of the Galaxy Walkman model 1979 Sony TPS-L2 Walkman cassette player is going for over $600 on eBay. According to an infographic by 80s Retro Toys there's a ton of money in old retro toys.

From Walkman to He-Man find out how much all that old 80s "junk" would be worth today.

Infographic by 80sRetroToys.com
Value of collectable 80s games, gadgets and toys

If you'd rather see this graphic in £s? Click here!

What was your favorite toy as a kid? Which retro toy is the best and which did you have? How much would you pay for one of these today?

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  1. I think I wore out all of my old Walkmans.
    Didn't have any of the toys. If the list was from the 70's, then there might have been a few. Wonder what an old game of Pong would fetch now?

  2. Dang my brother and I for taking our toys out of the box.

  3. So the lesson here is to buy a bunch of crap today and keep it in the package and it will probably be worth thousands some thirty years from now?

  4. Ouch. Looks like the price of Walkman's have really gone up :)
    I remember those days

  5. Wow. This makes me think I shouldn't have thrown out all of my old junk.

  6. i collect and sell 80's stuff, but like Medeia said i wish i had kept all of my stuff from when i was a kid i'd be minted!


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