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3 Actors Auditioning to Play LUKE CAGE in Netflix TV Series

Do we know what black actors are auditioning to play Luke Cage in the upcoming Netflix TV series? The Internet's been buzzing with rumors of which male African American actors are being auditioned for the lead role in Luke Cage, about the super strong Marvel superhero. While nothing has officially been confirmed, Deadline is making the report, and they're pretty good when it comes to inside info. If we assume the article is correct, the role of Luke Cage is coming down to three actors. None of them were on our previous list of dream candidates, so it looks like Marvel wants some less known names. Let's run down all three, as well as check out photos to see if they can bring the muscle required for the role of Power Man.

1. Cleo Anthony
Cleo Anthony
Source: Instagram
I couldn't find much information on Cleo Anthony (yo, Cleo, have your people update IMDB and Wikipedia), except that he started out as a model. He's best known for his role in Divergent, and has another movie coming out called Transparent.

2. Mike Colter
Mike Colter on set of Million Dollar Baby
Born on August 26, 1976 in Columbia, South Carolina, Mike Randal Colter grew up in St. Matthews, South Carolina. Colter's best known for his role as Big Willie Little in the film Million Dollar Baby. He's also going to portray Agent Jameson Locke in the franchise series Halo: Nightfall and the voice and motion capture for the same character in Halo 5: Guardians. He's also known for his roles on The Good Wife and The Following.

3. Lance Gross
Born July 8, 1981 in Oakland, California, Lance Darnell Gross started out as a model before he transitioned into acting. He's best known for playing Calvin Payne in Tyler Perry's House of Pain, a role for which he became the first actor to win four NAACP Image Awards. Most recently, he played Marcus Finley on NBC's cancelled drama Crisis.

Another tidbit from Deadline is that Cage is scheduled to appear in six or seven episodes of Jessica Jones TV series first before headlining his own series.

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Who do you think should play Luke Cage?

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  1. Wow, I'll take all three! I've never heard of Luke Cage before.

  2. I've never watched any of those except Million Dollar Baby and I don't remember it all that well, so I don't know who's the better actor out of the three. They all seem in good shape, which is pretty important for that role.

  3. Where the hell is Isaiah Mustafa on this list??


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