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See How THE AVENGERS Movie Costumes Changed: Infographic by Costume Discounters

Movie costumes rarely match the comic books, and the costumes of the superhero group The Avengers are no different. This infographic by Costume Discounters we can see all the way the costumes have changed from the comics to the movies. From Hulk, Iron Man to Thor and Black Widow there have been some big changes.

Costume History of the Avengers

(Via Geekxgirls)

Which is your favorite Avengers costume? What do you think of the infographic?

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  1. I liked the 40s Captain America uniform. It looked fairly practical except the color scheme. Hawkeye is supposed to look more like the comics in the next movie.

  2. ironman had the biggest changes i think... all very cool

  3. Black Widow...thank goodness her costume evolved, right?


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