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The Rules of Movie Time Travel [Infographic]

Time travel has been a beloved part of science fiction movies for decades, but the rules always change. Can you change history like in Back to the Future? Do you have to be naked like in Terminator? Are there side effects like in Primer? Find out in this handy infographic by MTV that covers 17 famous time travel movies, and how they work.

So You're in a Time Travel Movie

[Via MTV]

What do you think of the infographic? What rules do you like the best? What other time travel rules exist?

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  1. Harry Potter and time travel? That one surprised me.

  2. Cool infographic. I never get tired of time travel movies. I like all the different rules in them.

  3. I've got to dispute the Source Code points. If you're Jeffrey Wright, you think things can't be changed. Clearly by the end of the movie, Jake Gyllenhaal has. It's his consciousness that has been shifting anyway, not his body. So he gets to change the outcome and get the girl. It's such a brilliant movie. And then, I guess I'm not surprised that most people just aren't going to understand what happened. But it'd be nice that infographic people wouldn't be among them.

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