What do Star Wars and Hamlet have in common? Well, they both have ghosts, sword fights, and mysterious forces. That's about it. Now throw Star Trek into the mix, and you've really got a head-scratcher. But check out this surreal clip from the Israeli crime comedy, Hunting Elephants, that brings them all together.

Yes, that's really Patrick Stewart.

[Via NYCprowler]

What did you think of the clip?

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Pat Dilloway said...

I think I read a newspaper article that mentioned him doing that movie a while back. It sounds odd.


Great stuff!
Is there nothing that Patrick Stewart won't do?

Rusty Carl said...

Wow. That's way better than dressing like a lobster and hanging in the bathtub.

Tony Laplume said...

I really need to read the Shakespeare Star wars books. But this is a close second, thanks to Patrick Stewart.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Quite amusing! He seems like he'd be a fun guy to know.

Nigel Mitchell said...

He has a great sense of humor

MedeiaSharif said...

When I was a kid I saw him as serious and now I like how he's such a fun guy.


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