With a new Planet of the Apes sequel dawning soon, both ScreenJunkies and Cinemasins decided to revisit the franchise's darkest hour: Tim Burton's disastrous 2001 remake. Witness honest commentary about all the mouth-breathing, ape screaming, nonsensical ending, and repurposed dialogue. It's a madhouse! A maaadhouse!

What did you think of Planet of the Apes?

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They took an iconic movie and made it a farce.
I always enjoy Cinema Sins and Honest Trailers.

jeremy [retro] said...

Burton does know how to make a film, the problem is he gets in his own way... there is a point to his films, this is no different... I guess I need to see it again... I really don't care for the lead guy, he might be the first mistake and as for the monkey actors... they were pretty cool.

Tony Laplume said...

I thought Burton's flick was brilliant. I thought Rise of the Planet was terrible. I mean really, really terrible. I mean, why-does-anyone-like-that terrible. I mean, the-way-everyone-else-feels-about-Jar-Jar-Binks terrible. (I think it's terrible.)


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