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Poll: Which Justice League Member Would Save You From the Others?

Justice League by Alex Ross
If you had to choose one hero to protect you and the others to hunt you who would you pick?

It's time for the results of last times poll and the new question.

Lex Luthor has taken over the minds of the Justice League and they're all ordered to hunt you down. He gives you a choice of who you want to protect you from them.

So here's the question: Which superhero do you think can protect you from the others. To make this trickier the mind control doesn't work on Superman, so Luthor he just locks him in a cell with Kryptonite.

As a side note we're ending the weekly poll and caption contest. So this will be the last scheduled poll and next week will be the last caption contest. We'll still be doing polls and captions but they won't be a regular thing.

Come back next week for the last bi-weekly caption contest!

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Who would you choose?

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  1. I'd choose Batman because from the comics (and the animated "Doom" movie) we know he has secret files on how to disable every member of the Justice League for just this type of scenario.

    And also: BECAUSE HE'S BATMAN!

  2. Green Lantern. Can't beat those otherworldly powers.

  3. Batman has all the contingency plans.

  4. Since we're speaking as if these people actually existed, then I would chose Black Canary. Because maybe we'll be in that situation where too many greater heroes are hunting us down and in the heat of the moment thinking we're going to get caught...."things" would happen. I'm thinking with my dick, obviously.

    Honestly, I'd probably choose Batman as well because he is the most prepared for anything.

  5. Batman would be my first choice, but if his intellect was somehow not enough, I'd go for Martian Manhunter.

  6. At his full potential, Martian Manhunter is unstoppable.

  7. Batman, because... oh! It's been said already.


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