We've all seen Batman's greatest adventures, battling Mister Freeze, decoding the Riddler's puzzles, and designing incredible new gadgets. But what does Batman do when he's not fighting crime? He has Ordinary Batman Adventures, as animated by Sarah J on Tumblr. See an assortment of random activities that make him the Less Dark Knight. He's got the pillow fort Gotham deserves...never mind.

Be sure to check out Sarah's cool portfolio and merchandise at her official website!

[Via Tumblr]

What do you think of Ordinary Batman Adventures?

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Meradeth Snow said...

Okay, those are awesome! Love the one of Barman walking his chair all awkwardly:)

MedeiaSharif said...

I like these ordinary adventures. He seems down to earth doing these things.


I want a Bat-Sweater for winter!

Nigel Mitchell said...

I know, it's like we've all been there

Nigel Mitchell said...

That's my favorite too

Nigel Mitchell said...

He does. There's got to be some downtime

Nigel Mitchell said...

Me, too, awesome

Tony Laplume said...

Although hopefully he doesn't keep the cowl on when he's doing really mundane things.


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