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Explore an 8-Bit Version of the Starship Enterprise in "PixelTrek"

Ever wanted to explore the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation in a pixelated form? I didn'r either until I found PixelTrek. PixelTrek is a sort of game where you can explore a recreation of the Enterprise in a top-down 8-bit map. The results are surprisingly cool, wandering through tiny rooms of the ship and seeing familiar sights like the Battle Bridge or Data's quarters. You also get to see things you never saw in the original show like the storage room for all their uniforms and the bathrooms...hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Okay, so you can't go up to the helm and pilot the ship or launch photon torpedoes. You can see familiar characters, but you can't talk to them. It's pretty much a slightly interactive model. And it's still not finished. But there's still a ton of content to explore.

According to an interview with the creator Daniel Saaba, PixelTrek is based on the original blueprints, although it's not to scale. He also added more bathrooms, and included a lot of Easter Eggs like E.T. and Lt. Arex from the animated series. He's creating the whole thing in his spare time, which is impressive by itself.

You can explore it for yourself at http://www.pixeltrek.com

What did you think of PixelTrek?

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  1. Takes me back to my youth and the Atari system!

  2. That's pretty sweet. I think there were Trek games for the SNES but I don't think for the NES.

  3. Surprisingly, 8-Bit art never gets old.


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