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Watch Incredible Fan-Made Trailer for AKIRA

The cyberpunk anime film Akira is, without a doubt, a landmark in Japanese animation. Not only did it break new ground in the genre, but it introduced the Western world to foreign animation like never before. Fans have long-awaited a live-action adaptation, and excitement grew when Warner Bros announced their production. Fans were ultimately disappointed when it never came to pass.

That's why an independent group called The Akira Project gained so much excitement. With the help of an Indiegogo campaign, a small team of fans produced their own take on what a live-action Akira trailer would look like. And it's pretty sweet. Check it out.

Would you have watched a live-action Akira movie?

[Via Wired]


  1. While not well crafted as an actual trailer, it had some cool elements to it.
    I wasn't disappointed when the project fell through. There is something iconic about the original. Not sure I'd want to see it as live action. Not sure it could be done properly.

  2. This is probably better than what Hollywood was going to do since I recall that involved setting it in New York and casting Kristen Stewart.

  3. This is nice for what it is, but I would not like the one that as Pat put set in New York.


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