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4 Reasons Disney's STAR WARS Schedule Will Ruin the Movies

Star Wars Episode VII (2015) fan poster Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill)

Disney's Star Wars movie release schedule is going to destroy the franchise. Recently a German news site posted the rumored schedule and names of the Star Wars movies up to 2020. It was supposedly part of a presentation by Hasbro, the company that makes the Star Wars toys.

Here it is
  • Autumn 2014: Rebels
  • December 2015: Episode VII
  • 2016: Boba Fett
  • 2017: Episode VIII
  • 2018: Solo
  • 2019: Episode IX
  • 2020: Red Five
Normally I don't put much credibility in these kind of rumors, but it confirms what Disney said at Comic-Con that they were going to release a new movie every summer. Plus, it matches rumors that Disney wants to make films off hot characters like Boba Fett and Yoda. They had already said there would be stand-alone movies, so it's no surprise there's a Boba Fett movie coming. Here are the reasons that the franchise will be destroyed by this schedule.

1. There's No Time to Make a Good Movie
What's troubling about all this is that the schedule is insanely short. Only two years in between each sequel and a year in between each film? Can they really keep quality with that pace? They already had to change the schedule for Episode VII after J.J. Abrams complained about losing artistic quality. I have a bad feeling about this.

2. Disney Will Kill Us With Advertising
Disney is well known for it's marketing machine and Lucasfilm was pretty intense too. Put them together and you face a tidal wave of trailers, promos, commercials and viral videos every time the movie is coming out. Now multiply that by 10 and imagine it happening every year. Every. Single. Year. I'm sure the trailers will be cool, but I don't want to watch them every five minutes.

3. The Stand-Alone Movies Will Ruin Characters You Love
What do you love about Boba Fett?  That he's a cold-hearted mercenary? A scoundrel? A man willing to use his amazing skills for anyone who'll pay him? Great. Now imagine taking all that away. Disney is rumored to be struggling with a Boba Fett movie because you can't make a movie without a protagonist or hero. Boba Fett is NOT A HERO.

The "Solo" movie could be a follow-up to elderly Han Solo in Episode VII, which would be surprising since Harrison Ford hates Han Solo. It could be a prequel story telling one of Solo's adventures as a smuggler. Also, it could be a family member named Solo, like one of Han's kids. As cool as all these ideas are we don't really want them. Do you want a whole movie focused on the Kessel Run? No. Because the idea of the story is better than the reality.

What's interesting about "Red Five" is that it could be a reference to Luke Skywalker's X-Wing fighter call-sign in Episode IV. Could it be an X-Wing fighter squadron film? That might be cool, or it could be lame. Not every movie about pilots can be as good as Top Gun. Remember Stealth?

If they insist on taking all the mystery out of your favorite characters it will ruin them.

4. Fan Burnout
The great thing about the three-year schedule between the original films was there was time to get excited. How excited are you going to be when you know the next Star Wars sequel is coming in two years? There's such a thing as too much of a good thing.

What do you think about the schedule for Star Wars? Are you worried that Disney is doing too many movies too fast? Are you looking forward to a Boba Fett or Solo film? What should they be about?

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  1. They're basically making the Star Wars universe like the Marvel universe, but the Marvel universe of course has many more properties they can exploit. It's not unexpected since that's pretty much how they see everything.

    I think the Boba Fett movie what you need to do is set him up as the lesser of two evils. But probably what we'd get is more like their Malefiscent movie, giving Boba's tragic backstory of his father being killed and blah blah blah the whole thing sounds awful.

    The Solo movie probably depends what they're doing with him in Episode VII. A prequel would seem the most likely because I doubt Ford would be up to it at this point and anyone in Episode VII they'd need focused on Episode VIII not off on a side project.

    I'd guess Red Five would be another prequel about the Rebel X-wings before Luke so you could have Wedge and Biggs--and Porkins! Which really I think we need a Porkins origin story, how his tragic upbringing led him to overeat and yet his big heart allowed him to become a fighter pilot. I should go pitch this at Disney: It's like Rudy--with X-Wings!

  2. I agree wit Pat, they are doing what they know...Marvel type movieverse.
    Fett would have to be the anti hero. They could make a space western with him in the Clint Eastwood roll of the bounty hunter. I'd pay to see that!

  3. I am truly excited and afraid at the same time, I am beginning to feel burned out now and the first film hasn't even released. I am too afraid they are going to the Marvel Movie success, sadly it's too different issues. One Star Wars is a huge thing being around for 35 years and two the Marvel Universe [films] has been growing for about 8 years... We know what we like, we know won't we don't... I will be thrilled and after we see what they show us in the first release will be the stone.

  4. Those characters aren't like the superheroes of the Marvel franchise. Not sure they could hold their own in a movie, especially the one on Boba Fett. Are they going to make him an anti-hero?
    Yes, prepare for an avalanche of marketing for the next ten years...

  5. And won't Red Five seem a bit anti-climactic after whatever happens in Episode IX? I'm keeping my fingers crossed on these movies, guys...

  6. How can they make a stand alone about Solo? Ford can't do it and it's lame to do the movie with another actor. We know about Han. We saw the movies. I feel the same way about Yoda. I hated what they did with three movies on Vader. Leave Boba alone! Star Wars is already heavily merchandised. Seems they're upping the ante on that. With a schedule like that, what happens to Star Trek? I really, really, really want more Star Trek. I'm probably in the minority that I'd rather have more Star Trek than Star Wars.

  7. I'm not syre what I feel about this.


  8. It's a scary time for fans Jeremy. I still remember my excitement about the new movies and that's still there. I just worry Disney is getting greedy.

  9. While I loved Star Wars for a lot of reasons, including some of the campier aspects, I don't think this is the way to handle it. Quality has to have precedence or you're going to have some major pissed off fans.

    The only way to handle Bobba is to make him an anti-hero but I still don't think it will work. I don't think there is enough depth to the overall Star Wars to handle stand alone movies. So many of these characters were smaller threads in the overall weave. As writers we know it can't be a rehash the same story with the focus shifted from the heroes to a minor character, in the scheme of things, without some major fleshing out of a good story. Flash and bang and special effects just don't have enough oomph to carry a weak story. *shrug it's all about making money and to hell with what the fans feel.

    I do love Star Trek but I still want to smack the crap out of good ole JJ for the way he set up the time line. Oh, I hear him on needing a new direction time line for today but...still. Am I the only one that thinks one should have respect for loyal fans when making these movies? Don't insult their intelligence. Sheesh.

    McKye Over Coffee

  10. Brilliant comment Pat. A Boba Fett prequel would be awful. Can you imagine him crying about his Daddy?

    It works with Marvel Studios and is making them billions. Each one makes more money than the last since the excitement feeds off itself. The only problem is the Marvel Universe is already established. They have years of backstory and characters to build on. Star Wars is starting from scratch.

    I'd go see a Porkins movie. Did he gain weight because of or in spite of his name?

  11. I'd I had to choose I'd pick Abrams for Star Trek over Star Wars MPax. Abrams did an amazing job! I'm worried about the next movie now. Is there another actor with Ford's charisma and style?

  12. Great point John. We've seen some great space battles so they'd be hard to top.

  13. It would be tough Alex. There's not a lot of backstory for these characters in the movies. The avalanche begins!

  14. Now that approach could work David! A glimmer of hope.

  15. I'm thrilled. I'm of the opinion that if anyone can knock the next generation of Star Wars out of the park, it's Abrams.

    In today's climate the shorter the release schedule the more likely you'll have a series of solid hits on your hands, fans will question the quality less, and the vision has the chance to remain most pure, whatever it ends up being.

    No matter the doubts Abrams has had, I trust the guy, I really do. He's been telling Star Wars-model stories all his career. His Star Trek movies that so many fans have dubbed All But Star Wars really weren't. And I think people will understand that better when they see an actual Abrams Star Wars.

  16. All it takes is one more bad Star Wars movie to send fans like me over the edge. Thankfully “Revenge of the Sith” was great. Thanks for the writers perspective Sia! I imagine it would be hard. It could be done with the Expanded Universe since it’s pretty detailed, but since that’s gone they’ll have to start from scratch. Do not. Mess. With the fans Sia.

  17. I liked the three-year schedule for the previous movies. Also, I never got the idea that Harrison Ford hated Han Solo. I believe I read somewhere that Mark Hamill hated talking about Star Wars, though.

  18. Three years seems like a good length of time. Sadly, Ford has been very vocal over the years about disliking the character. He calls him Han Yoyo.

  19. Exactly and Hollywood has done so quite frequently. :-)

  20. Personally, I am not holding any hope for the new movies. I will give them credit for trying to make the stand-alone films, but I doubt they will work the way they are intended to.

    Not to mention the blatant disregard for the Expanded Universe that many people put their hard work and time into creating. After all the build up of the characters, and the back stories for the various races, it all amounts to nothing because of, most likely, people who never took the time to actually read the Expanded Universe.

    It's nice that we will be getting new movies, but the thing we have to ask ourselves is whether or not it was worth the sacrifice. I, for one, do not believe it is.

  21. I'm cool with a Marvel movie sucking or just being okay every once in a while. I want ALL the Star Wars movies to be great.

  22. Straight. We’ll accept nothing less.

  23. It was a grand mistake to sell star wars to Disney.I expect the Boba wearing a pink armour too....pthyi...fuking Disney.

  24. I agree. Disney pretty much shat all over the Expanded Universe and put an end to it with their stupid story group that will oversee (read: censor) all Star Wars novels from now on so they will fit in with the "new" canon. This means that all the books that fall under the "Legends" category will never receive any follow-ups, and any unresolved story arcs will remain unresolved. I think that's bullshit. Disney had an opportunity to take a cue from those novels and use the characters and stories, adapting them for the big screen. Instead, they are going to bury us in mediocre movies made with no regard for anything but the box-office take. The schedule and titles alone are proof enough of this, not to mention the latest animated series, Rebels, which sounds about as uninspired as it gets.

  25. F**k Disney! I hope they go bankrupt...

  26. Jar Jar Abrams and Disney will be the death of the Star War franchise! Thank you George for taking another huge dump an all the fans that supported you through the years!
    Just take a look at "Star Wars: Rebels"...I've seen the "extended look", and if that is any indication of what is to come...we are in big trouble!
    Disney is an awful, awful company which sucks the life of anything remotely creative and original. They've already done it to Marvel, Pixar and now Star Wars is next...
    Just seeing the Disney name next to Star Wars is nauseaus enough...seeing Mickey Mouse's mutant head next to the Star Wars logo is straight out puke inducing!

  27. Disney well ruin star wars nomater what the cost belive me I watch all movies of star wars disney sucks

  28. U now marvels ironman was good

  29. Shut it werdo or die game over stile

  30. Incoherent comments will get you nowhere.

  31. But this isn't accurate, is it? "Rebels" did not come out in Autumn 2014, and I don't see anything about the near future, either. The spin-offs can't be Boba Fett and Solo, since the deal with Disney is for unrelated films within the Star Wars universe (as I understand it, anyway).

    I mean, I'm concerned about quality as well, but anyone who saw Episode 1 should be...

  32. I'm hoping that one of the stand-alones involve a wacky Bib Fortuna getting into trouble, and a pre-Rebel Alliance Admiral Akbar trying to warn him what he's getting into...

  33. I feel like the Star Wars universe died when it was purchased by Disney. For me, Star Wars should have been allowed to expand into a more adult experience. But Lucas, being the dickhead he always has been feels that it's all about the kids. Well thanks for ruining it for everyone else! Let's just hope Dice doesn't f**ck up Battlefront III, I've been waiting for a decade.

  34. LEGOMAN SABERSOLDIERNovember 28, 2014 at 1:19 PM

    After I've seen what Disney have done Star Wars Rebels and the trailer that just came out, I've been really concerned about the quality of these films, and if it will meet the standard that fans have been hoping for. Now that I've seen the schedule (1 year? WTF Disney!), I think that Disney are fuck this up big time. As I have been saying my entire childhood, "FUCK YOU DISNEY!!!!" (yeah, I said that when I was five).

  35. Joshua William NeeleyApril 4, 2015 at 12:48 PM

    Like Lucas wasn't greedy with the prequels? How likely is it these movies will be worse than the prequels? SW fans are all over the place. Something you get when it has been around a few generations of movie goers. It is understandable when considering the various tastes in movies each of these generations like and are used to. The hard truth is that these new SW movies will make a lot of money and no of the SW "fans" will be able to agree on whether they are good, bad, or somewhere in between. The rest of the world will watch a movie, have fun, then move on.

    I for one am excited. I haven't been excited about anything SW for a very long time. Nothing in the prequel trilogy made me excited, everyone complained about those anyways, and all SW product for over ten years has revolved around that Clone Wars era of the SW universe. Give me X-Wings, Tie Fighters, and the Millennium Falcon, the original score, real locations, sets, practical effects, etc. That's what SW is to me. Maybe not to everyone but at least to me.

    As of now episode VII appears to be shaping up to be an improvement over the prequels at the least. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Also, JJ Abrams is not the Hack people make him out to be. George Lucas is. Sure the universe was sparked from his imagination but it took many other creative minds to turn it into the actual franchise we all love. I haven't seen a Abrams film I thought was bad. Some of them may not be as memorable as others, sure. But I can't think of a movie he has directed and I disliked so much that I would spit on it.

    Geek culture has turned into whiney, complaining, never pleased, self entitled brats. Once again the SW fan base blows me away about how wishy washy, contradicting, and picky they are. As for me, I simply like Star Wars. I grew up with it. It is a part of my childhood. I may be...indifferent (?)...about the prequels and I may be cautiously optimistic about the Disney led sequels. But we can never be pleased with a movie we have already decided is going to be crap. Let's take our nostalgia goggles and fanboy pants off and just go watch another movie set in a galaxy far far away...then decide.

  36. When you start a trilogy at episode 4, the prequels were bound to happen regardless. I liked the prequels as well as the originals, but felt it should have ended with just 6 movies total . Will I go and see the new ones? Yes. Will I love them regardless of quality? No Will I always love start wars in general? Damn straight. If the movie end up bombing, then so be it. I'm not going to trash 20 years worth of books because of it .

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