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Who is the Greatest Character in STAR TREK or STAR WARS History? [Contest]

Mr. Spock gives the Vulcan neckpinch to Darth Vader
Who is the greatest character in Star Wars or Star Trek history? Welcome to the second annual March Geek Madness Tournament! Over the last few weeks there were some brutal matches. 32 beloved characters went in and only one came out. The winner of the 2014 Geek Madness tournament is Mr. Spock! This also proves that Star Trek is better than Star Wars! You can argue with me, but you can't argue with figures.

Now for the prizes.

The Winners

The winners of the 2014 March "Geek Madness" Star Wars vs. Star Trek tournament, chosen from the list of entries are
  • First Place: Robin T.
  • Second Place: Robert S!
Robin was the only person to pick Mr. Spock for the final. The force is strong with this one. She has first dibs on either the Spock or the R2-D2 USB drive. We'll contact you soon to find out which one you want. Robert will get the other one. Please reply to our email with your mailing address. Congratulations! Live long and prosper.

The winner of the $5 Amazon gift card is Tony Laplume! You'll get your gift card soon via email.

If we don't hear from the winners within 48 hours (4/15/2014) a new winner will be chosen at random from the entries.

Here's the final bracket. (Updated)

Play "Geek Madness" Star Wars vs. Star Trek!*
*Not affiliated with Lucasfilm or Paramount. All rights reserved

Thanks to everyone for playing Geek Madness! See you next year!

Are you surprised by the winner of the tournament? Why? Who did you vote for? What should next year's tournament be?

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  1. Congratulations to both! Only one person picked Spock? Fascinating...

  2. It stands to reason the vulcan would win. Spock can manoeuvre at warpspeed which is a good sight faster than hyperspeed, hehe.

  3. Congrats to the winners! Gotta love Spock! :)

  4. Wow Robin is the only one to pick Spock. Impressive, Most impressive!
    Vader has one word for that....

  5. Singer was working on it Tony around the same time the show was on the air. There's a lot to like, so I hope it happens.

  6. Congratulations! Interesting that only one person picked Spock.

  7. It is Alex! I guess in the end it was the only logical choice.

  8. Yoohoo! That was my pick (in the finals)!

  9. I would have voted for Spock too!


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