Not only has Arrow become one of the most successful superhero TV shows on the air, but it also has some real hotties. There are a lot of strong female characters on Arrow who are also beautiful. Here are eight of them.

(Warning: Some character descriptions will have spoilers for the TV show.)

8. China White (Kelly Hu)

China White (Kelly Hu)
One of Arrow's deadliest foes from the very first episode, China White is a ruthless drug lord whose gang holds Starling City in a tight grip. She also looks good doing it.

7. Shado (Celina Jade)

When Oliver Queen was stranded on the island of Lian Yu, Shado (Celina Jade) became his mentor and lover. She taught him archery, Mandarin, and romance.
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 6. Joanna De La Vega (Annie Ilonzeh)

Joanna De La Vega is Laurel Lance's best friend and co-worker. Played by Annie Ilonzeh, she's smart and a little more cynical than Laurel.

5. Helena Bertinelli (Jessica De Gouw)

The daughter of a high profile mobster, Helena Bertinelli dedicates herself to fighting crime and avenging the death of her fiance as the Huntress.

4. Thea Queen (Willa Holland)

The sister of Oliver Queen, Thea has struggled with drug addiction and her resentment towards her brother.

3. Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy)

Laurel is a tough attorney who also struggles with her feelings towards her ex-boyfriend, Oliver Queen.

2. Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards)

Formerly an executive assistant of Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak also serves as a computer hacker and technical advisor for Arrow.

1. Sara Lance (Caity Lotz)

Younger sister of Oliver's ex-girlfriend Laurel Lance, Sara Lance was thought to be dead until she returned as an assassin codenamed the Canary (aka. Black Canary).

Who is your favorite female on the show? Any others you would have added to the list?

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Meradeth Snow said...

I really *need* to start watching this. I honestly can't believe I haven't yet!!

Nigel Mitchell said...

It's a really great show, worth catching up on

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

They all catch my eye. Sadly, most of them are young enough to be my daughter...

Rusty Carl said...

I've watched a few episodes but never got into the show. They certainly aren't in the habit of casting ugly people though.

Pat Dilloway said...

Wait, how many hasn't Oliver had sex with yet? His sister because this isn't Game of Thrones and Felicity because he just wants to be friends...ha.


Summer Glau!!! Not only is she River Tam, but she is Isabel Rochev “Ravager”!

John Garrett said...

Helena is my favorite, followed closely by Felicity Smoak.

The rest are definitely beautiful, but Helena is no joke.

Nigel Mitchell said...

That's a good one! She came in under the wire

Marshall said...

Ew... Thea is really ugly and has an annoying voice, no way in hell is she better looking than Helena. Sucks that they didn't work out, I'd prefer if he dated Sara or Helena. Laurel is annoying because she's whiney as fuck and bipolar as hell Felicity is too nerdy and I hate when two "associates" date

Ted Brook said...


1.Felicity Smoak
2.Thea Queen
3.Helena Bertinelli

jose said...

Sarah!!!! Miss you babe

isua said...

What about Nyssa!!??? Hot hot hot

isua said...


Chris said...

Laurel should be #10 she isn't hotter than Thea

Chris said...

I ment laurel should be #5 and Helena should be #10

Nigel Mitchell said...


Noctis Smith said...

I agree sara is definitely number 1

Noctis Smith said...

need to add nyssa to the list


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