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JURASSIC PARK With Cats is Terrifyingly Cute [Video]

Jurassic Park (1993) - Alexis "Lex" Murphy (Ariana Richards) hunted by cat
What if you were being stalked by giant dinosaur cats? The most tense scene in Jurassic Park was when Alexis "Lex" and Tim Murphy (Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello) are being hunted in the kitchen by Velociraptors. We Are Camera made this video cutting images of cats prowling the kitchen instead of Raptors and it's fantastically effective. I'm one of those rare guys that likes cats, but this video almost changes my mind. Beware the purr!

I can only hope they're working on a full length film because this clip ends way too soon.

(Via MsMariah's Space Blog-yssey)

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Are these the most terrifying cats you've seen? Would you want a whole movie with Jurassic cats?

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  1. I saw that on her site - funny! They could do one with all sorts of animals.

  2. LOL - that is adorable. Sorry, there's no hiding from cats. Trust me, I try every day and mine keep finding me.

  3. It's made the rounds David, but it still makes me laugh.

  4. An the cats keep knocking stuff over. LOL

  5. Are you trying to ruin cats or dinosaurs for me??? Because you won't succeed!

  6. That's hilarious. The cats are a little creepy, which makes the terrified looks on the kids' faces even funnier. Love it! :D


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