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Everything Wrong With BATMAN AND ROBIN [Movies]

If you've followed this blog, you know we're fans of Cinemasins "Everything Wrong" video series. They run down all the continuity errors, goofs, and lame bits of some good and bad movies. In some movies, they don't have much to say. But on others, just the opposite. Well, settle down for a twenty minute breakdown of everything wrong with Batman and Robin. Frankly, even with this exhaustive list, they still didn't cover everything. Like how lame it was to repeat the same "chicks dig the car" joke from the last Batman movie. Or how they pretty much ripped off Catwoman's mousey-girl-tormented-by-boss origin from Batman Returns for Poison Ivy. I guess they had to draw the line at twenty minutes.

What did you think of Batman and Robin?

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  1. Skates. Crap, I'd forgotten about that. Only seventeen minutes? I'm sure they could find more. Probably enough to match the length of the movie.

  2. The whole movie was wrong.

  3. Yeah the well has run dry on the Matrix Pat. I heard he lives on chicken breast and steamed broccoli all day and he's getting too old for that intense of a workout.

  4. Yeah, but that could be a good thing Tony. Maybe even a shorter actor. Is there something from the comics you'd avoid?

  5. That is a mind blowing idea Pat. Russell would have been great. There's a rumor Emma had a family emergency, but I guess we'll never know. Apparently Garfield personally drove to Disney land to meet them. http://m.nydailynews.com/1.1713106

  6. Bring on the bias Alex! I'm sure it'll be a fierce battle.

  7. I think the character's traditional short stature undermines pretty much everything about him, and his willingness to be so cutesy when a writer decides to go that way. That's why Jackman's Wolverine was so refreshing, because he contradicted all the rules while satisfying the most basic ones (cigar, mutton chops, ridiculous hairdo, claws, sarcasm). The "fastball special" that made it into one of the movies is especially something I'd avoid. Jackman's version never wore a mask, either. Wolverine should never wear a mask.

  8. Loudness is a concern for most with autism. The main concern is change. They don't deal well when things change. When they know what is coming it relieves some of the anxiety that they fear. Capaldi reassuring her that the change is ok, and that he might be loud will help her to deal with the change. My son has seen most of my old VHS tapes of classic Who, so he was familiar with the concept of regeneration when he saw Smith change to Capaldi.

  9. Capaldi seems like a class act and I think he'll make a great Doctor. Jackman is one of my favorite contemporary entertainers. He can sing, dance, act, and doesn't think he's above it all. The kind of "star" I can really support.

  10. I always felt like Clooney was being Clooney as Wayne and Batman.
    The whole thing was a joke. Freeze is one villain that needs to be dark just like BTAS not the 60's campy style.

  11. Nisse SöderströmMarch 10, 2014 at 2:07 AM

    eventhough i know its wrong i fell like seeing this again ... :P


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