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The 7 Most Shocking RoboCop Cameos of All-Time

RoboCop selling UFO Noodles
Do you want to see the most mind-bending times RoboCop has shown up since the movies? In 1987, the classic science fiction film RoboCop opened in theaters and took the world by storm. It grossed over $8 million in its opening weekend and was the 16th most successful movie of the year. The image of RoboCop has been burned into the public consciousness. Here are seven times RoboCop has met presidents, saved Pee-Wee and stolen fridges all in the name of justice.

1. RoboCop Meets President Nixon

Description by Mental Floss: "Richard M. Nixon is escorted by RoboCop at a national board meeting of the Boys Club of America. The RoboCop character was on hand to call attention to Orion Home Video’s RoboCop RubOut promotion. Sweepstakes tickets, packaged with each 'RoboCop' cassette, offer a number of instant prizes for retailers as well as $25,000 in donations to the Boys Club. The sweepstakes is part of a $3 million promotional effort launched by Orion in conjunction with the action-adventure film’s video release. The cassette will be available in video stores beginning Jan. 28 for a suggested list price of $89.98."

2. RoboCop on Thanksgiving Day Parade (1:27 mark)

3. RoboCop Saves Pee-Wee Herman at Academy Awards

4. RoboCop Sells Noodles

5. RoboCop in a Toy Cupboard

6. RoboCop Saves Wrestler

7. RoboCop Steals Korean Refridgerator in Commercial

Which is the strangest cameo in the list? Where is the strangest place you'd expect to see RoboCop?

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  1. I wonder if he's got something dirty planned for that fridge?

  2. I don't think anyone could save Pee-Wee Herman.

  3. In some alternate universe, it would make equal sense that RoboCop was just a bad wrestling gimmick. But that's not just some random wrestler, it's Sting! And also featured in the clip is good ol' J.R., Jim Ross!

  4. Ah yes!  The wrestling fan! I was going to put into thing but then I thought it might be funnier just to say wrestler. Duly noted.

  5. Congrats Tony! I like the Fantastic Four movies too! I heard Doug Jones, the actor on set, was mad they overdubbed his voice.
    -------- Original message --------

  6. I got a hundred percent. Yahooooo (tm). It's simple to tell the difference between Sam and Laurel, because they're both different men.

  7. I thought he just stayed in Detroit. He was on a MARVEL float because they made his comic. He must realy like Asian cuisine.

  8. Yeah David. He violates his prime directive for chicken.

  9. I thought Robocop so violent when I first saw it. Bet it would seem tame now. lol

  10. Robocop does get around. I remember him in The Indian in the Cupboard.

  11. I think after we all heard Ray Park speak in X-Men, we were glad he was dubbed. The same goes for Jones I'm sure. Far better to have someone with gravitas like Fishburne do the honors.

  12. I thought the same thing Mpax. The Saw movies made this look like Mr. Rogers.


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