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10 Amazing Facts About Marvel's Vision [List]

Vision - Paul Bettany (Source)
Paul Bettany is going to play the superhero known as "Vision'" in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But who is the Vision?

His first appearance was in The Avengers #57 (1968) but most people know nothing about him.
Here are 10 amazing facts about Ultron.

1. Vision is not a robot, but a synthezoid. He's "human in every physical way except that he was artificially constructed."

2. Vision can become lighter than air and pass through walls. He can also become super heavy, up to 90 tons, and become invulnerable. That's heavier than 11 elephants.

3. Vision has the brain of the (presumed dead) superhero Wonder Man.

4. Magneto is his father-in-law. In the comics, Vision marries the mutant Scarlet Witch. Scarlet Witch is Erik Lehnsherr's daughter. The marriage was eventually dissolved.

5. The android has two kids thanks to Scarlet Witch's "Hex" powers.

6. Ultron is Vision's dad. In the comics, Ultron and Dr. Phineas Horton created the Vision from the android "The Human Torch."

7. The body of the Torch was first seen at the Stark Expo in Captain America: The First Avenger.

8. In 1968, the Philip K. Dick story "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" was hugely popular. Stan Lee told comic writer Roy Thomas to make a new character for the superteam "The Avengers" and that it had to be an "android." He never said why.

9. According to the "Justice League Companion" by Michael Eury, Thomas was afraid Marvel would rip him off if he created an original character. So he reused an old 40s superhero named Vision. His history and powers are completely different.

10. In the comics, Tony Stark's human butler Jarvis was hypnotized by Ultron into betraying the Avengers. Paul Bettany played Tony Stark's computer butler J.A.R.V.I.S. in Avengers. In the comics, Ultron tries to use Vision to attack the Avengers.

What did you learn about the Vision? Are there any facts I missed? Are you looking forward to Bettany's performance as the Vision in Avengers 2?

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  1. I hope they don't try cramming that all in the movie or it will be really complicated!

  2. In the "Age of Ultron" comics a half-dead Vision is a surrogate Ultron in the present while the real Ultron exists in the future. Or something like that. I'm not sure how they'll make sense of that for the movie. It's good to know he's a human because I thought he was a robot and then I was wondering how him and the Scarlet Witch were getting it on. (I assumed he was "fully functional" like Data.)

    Do you suppose Paul Bettany will finally get around to watching any of these movies now that he's actually going to be on the screen?

  3. I had never heard of #9 before. I remember the rumor that agent Coulson was to be his brain. That ship has sailed, and sunk!

  4. Very interesting. I had no idea about Vision. Paul Bettany is an amazing actor.

  5. I believed Coulson was Vision too and I'm really disappointed he's not David.

  6. Well, he's not human Pat. His internal organs are all synthetic. I guess that makes him more android than human. It's almost impossible for an android to impregnate a human which is where Scarlet Witch comes in. LOL Well he's still married to Jennifer Connelly, so he still may not have time.

  7. He is an amazing actor Melissa and I always thought he was underused in the movies. Now he can shine.

  8. Yeah, hopefully his origin story isn't involved and considering the actress playing Scarlet Witch is half his age they'll probably drop that storyline.

  9. LOL, well there is still that.

  10. Vision is one bad mofo. Favorite Vision story: Avengers #157: "The Ghost of Stone." A stone version of The Black Knight shows up at the mansion and defeats all of the Avengers...UNTIL...Vision shows up at the end and delivers a cold, dispassionate beat-down. Awesome stuff.

    And they love pulling that "synthezoid" term out every chance they get. We've seen inside the Vision many times and that don't look like any human body or organs I've ever seen, lol. Maybe the artists didn't get the memo...

    I think the whole "remade from Human Torch" thing was retconned by John Byrne back in the day so that they used some spare parts, but not the original android. From what I understand that Human Torch is still out there in the New Invaders.

    Good stuff, looking forward to seeing Vision in the next Avengers movie!

  11. Yeah John, I still remember the comic that showed Vision's body spread out over a table and he looked pretty mechanical to me. But, that's what they say. LOL. They did retcon the origin to make two Human Torch's so there you go. Good call on that issue since it really shows how unemotional Vision is.


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