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THOR 2 Alternate Take Shows Tom Hiddleston as Loki as Captain America

[Warning: Minor spoiler for Thor: The Dark World]

One of the moments that got the biggest laughs in my theater during Thor: The Dark World was the moment where Loki takes on the appearance of Thor's friends, culminating with his transformation into Captain America. The surprise cameo by Chris Evans was hilarious, but it turns out it wasn't the original version. In the original take, Tom Hiddleston played all the characters, including Captain America. But the twist is Hiddleston played the role as Loki doing an impression of Captain America. It's kind of mind-twisting to read about, but brilliant to watch, which is why they're including the deleted scene on the DVD. But we don't have to wait...here it is.

Trivia: Chris Evans based his performance on Hiddleston's performance in this clip.

What did you think of the clip? 

[Via MTV via Empire Online]

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  1. Certainly gives it a different feel. Think they made a good choice to bring in Evans for the final clip.

  2. Love Tom Hiddleston, but glad they did bring in Evans. It was a pleasant surprise.

  3. I always a bit of great trivia from you guys.

  4. It is mind-twisting and really cool.

  5. In this instance, Evans does indeed trump Hiddleston. Although I've long been a fan of Chris Evans.


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