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Would You Rather: Own a Flying Car or a Dinosaur?

It's Tuesday, which means it's time for "would you rather," the game where we ask you the tough questions. On last week's question, "would you rather live in the Matrix or Tron," 90% chose the Matrix. This week, you get to pull an object out of time.

The Scenario

You visit Wood University to discover they have rigged up their time machine to pull one object out of time. They've locked onto a flying car from the future or a dinosaur from the past. Which would you choose?

The Ground Rules

  • Whichever you choose, it's yours to keep.
  • You can't have both.
  • If you choose the dinosaur, you can have whatever dinosaur you want. It can be an apatosaurus or a T-Rex or a triceratops; whichever is your favorite. It will also be tamed and as obedient as a German Shepherd, so it won't kill and eat you on sight. You can train it to do tricks, too.
  • If you choose the flying car, it can be equipped with whatever futuristic technology you think a flying car can come with. It can have artificial intelligence so it can talk and drive itself, be made out of futuristic indestructible metal, or have one of those windshields that displays data on everything around it. Okay, fine. Weapons, too. It can fly at a top speed of a hundred miles an hour.

Make your choice and tell us why in the comments.

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  1. Clearly the best of both worlds is to have a flying dinosaur.

  2. Flying car. I ain't cleaning up any dinosaur poop!


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