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Watch Batman and Iron Man Break Up a Wedding in Epic Video [Video]

Batman breaking up wedding Source
Watch the nerdiest wedding you'll see today with medieval knights, Iron Man, ninjas and Batman crashing a wedding party.

This wedding starts out nerdy, with medieval armor, and moves on to Batman and Iron Man. How geeky is that?

- The Wedding took place at the Don Cesar in St. Petersburg, Florida
- The guests had no idea
- Neither did the hotel staff... (we figured if we told them they would not let us do it.)
- Yes, the swords were metal
- The groomsmen wore Knight armor over their suits inspired by in-game weddings from the video game AdventureQuest Worlds.
- The videographer scrambled and got 3 extra cameras when tipped off by a man in an Iron Man suit about what was going to happen.
- The groom is Artix, creator of a number of video games including AdventureQuest Worlds.
- The bride is clearly too blinded by love to realize what she got herself into. Also, she paid for the wedding.
- Maybe this will start a new genre "Battle Wedding"
- WWE legend Jimmy Hart picked out a special suit with hearts on it for the occasion.
- The Ninjas included American Ninja Warrior stars Drew Drechsel and Reko Rivera
- George Lowe, the voice of Space Ghost Coast to Coast narrated the cake cutting... which was cut using the #2 Frostmourne replica from World of Warcraft
- Musical guests Voltaire & One-Eyed Doll performed during the reception
- No gifts were accepted at the wedding, only donations for a local school that serves children with disabilities.
- Batman is still alone in his cave with his total gym if any of you ladies out there are interested.

Via BleedingCool.com

What do you think of the wedding ceremony?

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  1. Very creative! I'm sure the swordfight was well planned and practiced. That's a wedding no one will ever forget.

  2. She was great in the Fast and Furious movies. Good choice. Didn't even think about the fact Israel requires women to serve in the military. Means she's tough - beauty and the beast.

  3. That she's Israeli is probably why I thought she looks a lot like Natalie Portman who I think was also born over there. I think Nigel hit it on the head when he said the Wonderbra will need to come into play.

    Kind of makes me wonder how many more heroes they're going to jam into this thing: Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter?

  4. I don't know guys. You know I'm thrilled about Wonder Woman finally being introduced. ALBEIT AS A SIDEKICK!!!! (She deserves her own film.)

    As for Gal, I'm willing to give her a chance. I'm a fan of hers and I liked her in the 'Fast & Furious' franchise. That said, I would have preferred Gina Carano as Wonder Woman. Gina has the physicality for the role. Wonder Woman is very voluptuous and muscular. Gal is very slender. Admittedly, I'm still unsure of Gina's acting ability. Whereas, Gal is a decent actress and she has an intense glare, which is essential for Wonder Woman.

    Also, I hate to be a stickler, but I had the same issue when Henry Cavill was chosen as Superman. There is something quintessentially American about Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. They are American icons. It's difficult for actors who do not have the cultural nuances (or "Americanisms") to portray these iconic roles in a believable way. Christian Bale as Batman was an exception. I found Bale to be very believable, but then again Bale has been in the American market since he was 13 years old in 'Empire of the Sun.' So Bale has a lot of experience living/working in the United States. Whereas these two do not.

    Whew, that's enough fangirl talk.

  5. I'm with pat, I think she looks like Natalie Portman.
    Interesting facts. I will reserve Judgment on her as WW till the movie comes out. I think casting "unknowns" instead of famous actors in superhero movies tend to work to the advantage. I had no prior knowledge of Henry Cavill till MOS came out, and he did fine. Puting a well known face might make people see them and not the hero they are portraying. I understand Mariah point of "Americanisms" but this is a retelling and might not be so American.

  6. I think they couldn't have gotten it more right if they tried.

  7. That was great! I thought It should have ended with Batman & Iron Man.
    it did get a little long, but at least it was better than the boring weddings I usually attend.

  8. It's certainly an event no one will forget. Looks fun.

  9. Yeah David. I think they overdid it a bit in the end. Batman would have been the perfect place to stop.

  10. Gina would have been an interesting choice since she does have natural fighting skills and the height isn't too far off at 5' 8". Some would argue that she doesn't have a lot of acting experience to hold her own if they spun her off into her own movie. That's inevitable since there's no way she'll stay a sidekick for long. Great points. Always glad to have fangirl talk Ms. Mariah!

  11. Portman was indeed born in Israel Pat. Good call since I never noticed they have a similar nose and cheekbones. Now I can't unsee it. There are rumors that Flash will be in the movie, but I wouldn't be surprised if the whole Justice League gets a cameo of some kind.

  12. She's not just a beauty queen, she's a killin' machine! Yeah DC. You can use that one for the tagline.

  13. It definitely worked with Cavill David. We'll see how Gal does in the movie. It's funny that until recently it was required for American actors to play superheroes. That's why they turned down David Prowse (Darth Vader) for Superman. She's right that Bale is the best example of an "Americanized" actor since his accent is jarring in interviews.

  14. see there is hope for a marriage... the fact she let him do it, i hope they have a wonderful marriage...

  15. It must have taken a ton of planning Clair!


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